Global Plastics Environmental Conference (GPEC 2004)

Environmental Division of Society of Plastics Engineers
Global Plastics Environmental Conference (GPEC 2004)
February 18 – 19, 2004
Marriott Hotel, Detroit, MI, phone: 313-568-8000
Conference Theme: Plastics – Helping to Grow a Greener Environment
The Environmental Division of the Society of Plastics Engineers is hosting its annual Global Environmental
Conference (GPEC 2004), which includes technical papers, student posters, exhibits, and presentations from
outstanding plenary speakers. This event is attended by leading professionals in the plastics, environmental,
and energy conservation fields. The conference subjects are selected to provide business executives and
professionals, engineers, molders, tooling shops, test instrumentation companies, and university students a
valuable update on the latest innovations and technologies including reduction in cost, and improvement in
quality. Business connections made among the attendees are important part of the conference.
Call for Papers
Submit abstract of 200 words by September 30, 2003
 The final manuscript is due by November 3, 2003
Michelle Mikulec, GPEC Technical Chair
Phone: 313-274-9712, [email protected]
Technical Tracks:
Track Chair: Mike Montpetit, Sundance Products
734-433-2399, [email protected]
2. Business Equipment (IT, etc.)
Track Chair: Jay Celorie, Hewlett Packard Co.
541-715-7983, [email protected]
4. Supply and Markets
Track Chair: M.Baugmann, G.H. Associates
908-832-2207, [email protected]
5. General Subjects (Legal, Fracture Testing, Quality)
Track Chair: Michelle Mikulec, YARA Y inc.
313-274-9712, [email protected]
3. New Technologies ( Biodegradable, New Materials,
New Processes, Scale Up Processes)
Track Chair: Ron Walling, Advanced Material Center
815-433-1495, [email protected]
Additional Tracks
Regulatory (IEEE, UL, USDA, ASTM, EPA, etc.)
Durable Goods (Appliance, Construction, Plastic Lumber, Tires)
Energy Conservation and New Sources of Energy
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