Curriculum Vitae
Office: Division of Nutritional Sciences
Cornell University
309 Savage Hall
Ithaca, NY 14853-4401
E-Mail: [email protected]
Phone: (607) 255 0063
(607) 255 1033
July 1993 -present
Home: 957 East State St.
Ithaca, NY 14850
Phone: (607) 272 6283
Ph.D Sociology. University of Wisconsin-Madison
M.S. Sociology. University of Wisconsin-Madison
M.A. Intercultural Education. University of the Americas
Cholula, Puebla, México
B.A. Psychology. Autonomous University of Puebla
Puebla, Puebla, México
Research Associate and Senior Lecturer. Division of Nutritional Sciences. Cornell
July 1992-1993
Research Associate. Joint appointment at the Institute for Health, Health Care
Policy and Aging Research, Rutgers University and the Department of
Environmental and Community Medicine, University of Medicine and Dentistry
of New Jersey.
June 1989-1992
Rutgers-Princeton Program in Mental Health Research, Postdoctoral Traineeship.
Institute for Health, Health Care Policy and Aging Research.
Feb. 1984-1988
Research Assistant with Professor Doris P. Slesinger.
Sept. 1972-June 1981
Counselor. American High School. Puebla
April 1974-July 1981
Professor, Department of Psychology, Autonomous University of Puebla.
Jan. 1975-June 1976
Lecturer in the Department of Humanities, University of the Americas. Puebla.
October 1, 2008-11
Community Response to Immigrant Settlement in Upstate New York. Co-PI. CUAES
CSREES NYC-159441.
October 1, 2005-08
Methods of Assessing Access to Health Care by Undocumented Rural Residents.
Co-PI. CUAES Hatch (159473).
October 1, 2001-05
Integrating the Needs of Immigrant Workers and Rural Communities. USDA-FRA
October 1, 2001-04
Immigrant Assimilation in Rural Communities. USDA CSREES. Hatch
October 1, 2000-02
Food patterns, diet and health among migrant farm workers in North Central New
October 1, 1999
June 30, 1998
May 1, 1997
April 1, 1996
March 1996
July 1992- 1994
June 1989-June 1992
York. Hatch. Federal Formula Funds Allocation. USDA.
Family and Social Support for Elderly Puerto Ricans. Cornell Applied Gerontology
Research Institute (CGRI). NIH-NIA
Changing Family and Community Structures: The Impact of Social Support on
Elderly Puerto Ricans in Rochester, New York. Cornell Applied Gerontology
Research Institute (CGRI). NIH-NIA
A Partnership for Health: Strengthening Community Nutrition Through Traditional
Foods. (USDA CSREES. Integration of Nutrition Goals and Food Systems.)
The Lost Knowledge: Breastfeeding Among Puerto Rican Women. Social Science
Research Council. Latina Junior Faculty Research and Mentoring Grants.
Cornell International Institute for Food, Agriculture and Development. "Development
Communication and Continuing Education in Honduras" with Roy Colle.
Minority Investigator Supplement Award. Department of Health and Human
Services. National Institutes of Health.
Postdoctoral Traineeship in Mental Health Services Research. National Institute of
Mental Health.
2011 Parra Pilar A. Farmworkers Health. In: Encyclopedia of Immigrant Health. Sana Lou and Martha
Sajotovic (editors). Springer. Heidelber. Germany. Forthcoming
de Lima Philomena, Pilar Alicia Parra and Max J. Pfeffer. Conceptualizing Contemporary
Immigrant Integration in the Rural United States and United Kingdom. In: Rural Transformations
and Rural Policies in the United Kingdom and the United States. Shucksmith and Brown (editors).
Routgers Series on Development and Society. United Kingdom. Forthcoming
Pfeffer M.J. and Parra P. Strong Ties, Weak Ties, and Human Capital: Latino Immigrant
Employment Outside the Enclave. Rural Sociology. Issue 74(2):241-269.
Pfeffer, M.J., Parra, P.A. “Upstate and Downstate Differ in Response to Needs of Immigrant
Community.” NYSAC News 30(9):23-24.
Pfeffer M.J. and Pilar A. Parra. Community Response to Immigrants in New Destinations.
Research and Policy Briefs. Community and Rural Development Institute (CARDI). Department
of Development Sociology. Cornell University. November.
Parra Pilar A. and Max J. Pfeffer. New Immigrants in Rural Communities: The Challenges of
Integration. In: The Border Next Door: New York Migraciones. Social Text 88, Vol 24, No. 3, pp.
Pfeffer Max J. and Pilar A. Parra. Immigrants and the Community: Community Perspectives.
Cornell University. 1500 GPP Report #4, October 2005. Development Sociology. Division of
Nutritional Sciences.
2005 Pfeffer Max J. and Pilar A. Parra. Immigrants and the Community: Former Farmworkers. Cornell
University. 1500 GPP 060047. Report #3, September 2005. Development Sociology. Division of
Nutritional Sciences
Parra Pilar A. and Max J. Pfeffer. Immigrants and the Community: Farmworkers with
Families. Cornell University. 1500 GPP 050357. Report #2, April 2005. Development Sociology.
Division of Nutritional Sciences
Pfeffer Max J. and Pilar A. Parra. Immigrants and the Community. Cornell University.1500 GPP
11607. Report #1, November 2004. Development Sociology. Division of Nutritional Sciences
Book Review: The Worm in the Wheat. Rosalie Evans and Agrarian Struggle in the Puebla-Tlaxcala
Valley of Mexico, 1906-1927, by Timothy J. Anderson, Durham and London: Duke University Press,
1998. In: Rural Sociology, Vol. 65. No.3.
Rodriguez E. and P. Parra A Review of New York’s Health and Health Care Status: The
Challenges Ahead for 2000. In: New York in the 21st Century. Hirschl T. & Heaton T. (eds.) Praeger
Publishers. Greenwood Publishing Group, Inc. 1999:272-284.
“The Lost Knowledge: Breastfeeding Among Puerto Rican Women.” In: Proceedings of the
International Workshop in Dietary Assessment Methodologies. Diva M. Sanjur and Mauro Valencia.
Centro de Investigación en Alimentación y Desarrollo (C.I.A.D). Camino a la Victoria Km. 6. Sonora,
Mexico. Division of Nutritional Sciences-Cornell University. Ithaca NY. pp.153-168.
Parra Pilar A. and P. Guarnaccia. Ethnicity, Culture, and Resiliency in Caregivers of a Seriously
Mentally Ill Family Member. In: Resiliency in Ethnic Minority Families: Native and Immigrant
American Families. McCubbin H., Thompson E., Thompson A., and Fromer J. Sage. Newberry Park,
CA. pp. 431-450.
Cerdá Magdalena & Parra Pilar. “El Taller: Una Guia Para Extensionistas.” (The Workshop:
Guidelines for Agricultural and Health Workers). Divison of Nutritional Sciences and Cornell
International Institute for Food Agriculture and Development.
Guarnaccia Peter, Pilar A. Parra. Ethnicity, Social Status and Families Experiences of Caring for a
Mentally Ill Family Member. Community Mental Health Journal. Vol. 32(3):243-260
Aguirre-Molina M. and Pilar A. Parra. Latino Youth and Familie as Active Participants in Planning
Change: A Community-University Partnership Pp. 130-153. In Latino Families: Developing a
Paradigm for Practice, Policy and Research. Zambrana Ruth (ed.) Sage. Newberry Park CA.
Parra, Pilar A. Midwives in the Mexican Health System. Social Science and Medicine. Vol.37. (11):
Guarnaccia Peter, Pilar A. Parra, Aura Deschamps, G. Milstein, N. Argiles. Si Dios Quiere: Hispanic
Families' Experiences of Caring for a Seriously Mentally Ill Family Member. Culture, Medicine and
Psychiatry. Vol 16:187-215.
Parra Pilar A. La Mujer Rural, las Comadronas y el Sistema Mexicano de Salud. Revista Estudios
Demográficos y Urbanos. El Colegio de México. Vol.6(1):69-88.
2008 Immigration and Ethnic Economies. Polity Press, Co-author with Max J. Pfeffer (under contract)
1999 –present
2000 –present
2003 –present
2005 –present
2006 –present
2006 – present
2007 –present
2007 –present
Member of the Cornell Cooperative Extension Diversity Catalyst Team.
Faculty Fellow. Latino Living Center.
Faculty Advisor for Lambda Pi Chi Latinas working for the community.
Faculty Advisor Biology and Society
Board member Latino Studies Program
Board member and Chair Faculty Steering Committee Cornell Farmworker Program
Advisory Committee Member. Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs).
Faculty Advisor. Student Organization. Ithaca Free Clinic Initiative
American Public Health Association -member
American Sociological Association -member
Fluent in English and Spanish. Some knowledge in reading and speaking German.
1995- present
Sociology of Health and Ethnic Minorities
Description of the course and general objectives
This course is an introduction to the study of the sociology of health by examining the health status
of ethnic minorities. The primary goal of this course is to understand the determinants in the health status
and access to health care of Latino and other ethnic/race groups in the U.S. We will cover the following
topics: 1) Basic concepts in epidemiology and data collection; 2) the distribution of illness by social and
demographic factors, and the social forces affecting inter-group differences; 3) ethnicity, culture, and
environment as contributors to health risks, and/or protective behaviors; 4) the access to and utilization of
health care services by ethnic minorities and special populations; 5) the organization of the health system
and the allocation of resources in the health services.
Students will develop analytical skills to assess how ethnicity/race, social class, gender, and most
broadly, power affect both the health system and the well-being of special populations. Students will learn
to critique health reports and journal articles on minorities. Students will also learn about health
professions, research, and services aimed to Latino and other ethnic populations.
2010 Pfeffer J. Max and Pilar Alicia Parra. Impacts of U.S. Immigration Policies: A Look at Local
Communities’ Responses. Washington Policy Briefing. House of Representatives and Senate.
September 23, 2010.
2010 Mental Health Disparities Among Ethnic Minorities. Science Organization of Latinos. Rockefeller
Hall. April 28th.
2010 Pfeffer J. Max and Pilar Alicia Parra. Partisan Alignment on Immigration. Cornell Population
Program Spring Seminars. 153 MVR Hall. April 9, 2010
Pfeffer J. Max and Pilar Alicia Parra. Civic Engagement, the Church and Community Response to
Immigration. Development Sociology. Reaching Out domestically and Internationally. January 29.
2009 National debates, local responses and partisan alignment. Cornell Migration Interest Group. Polson
Institute for Global Development. January 30th (with Max J. Pfeffer).
2008 Changing worlds, changing foodways: Strategies for a healthy living for immigrant children and
their families. ACT for Youth Professional Development Day. May 20. Albany, NY.
Politicas de Inmigracion y Acceso a la Salud en los Estados Unidos. Congreso
Latinoamericano y del Caribe (FLACSO). Quito, Ecuador. October 29-31.
Immigrants and the Communities: The Challenges of Prevention. Second Annual Local Health
Department Meeting. Achieving the Elimination of Childhood Lead Poisoning in New York.
The Desmond, Albany NY. June 19-20
Immigration Reform: Implications for Farmers, Farm Workers, and Communities.
Sponsor: University of California Davis. Washington DC. June 12-14
The Impact of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Policies on Latino Immigrants in
New York State. Somos el Futuro. 20th Annual Legislative Conference. New York State
Assembly. Puerto Rican/Hispanic Task Force. Albany, April 27-29.
Immigrant Integration to Rural Communities. The New Pluralism Meeting. Fisher Community Center.
Marshalltown, Iowa. August 19-20.
Great Divides, Transgressing Boundaries. Conceptualizing Immigrant Integration Outside
Metropolises. American Association of Sociology Annual Conference., Palais des congres.
Montreal. August 13
Community Integration of farmworkers and former farmworkers in New York. Immigration and
Agriculture Conference. UC-DC Center, 1608 Rhode Island Ave. Washington D.C. June 14-15
Overview of Hispanic Immigrants in Rural Communities. Hispanic Immigrants in Rural New York
Communities. NY State Assembly. Hearing. Room C. Empire State Plaza Albany, NY. June 13
Cultural Perspectives of New York’s State Agricultural Workers. Planning for the Unique and
Growing Health Care Needs of CNY’s Agricultural Workers. The Rural Health Networks of
Central New York and The Finger Lakes Migrant Health Projects, Inc. Orchard Valley Golf
Course, La Fayette, NY. May 23
Empire State Fruit and Vegetable EXPO and Becker Forum. Growing for the Health of New
York. Convention Center. Syracuse, NY. February 14.
Immigrant Integration outside Metropolises. State, Population, Environment, and Community.
Development Sociology. February 12.
Finger Lakes Migrant Health Care Project. 4th Annual Voucher Site Conference. Holiday Inn,
Rochester, NY. December 8th
National Council of la Raza. A History of Service, A Future of Impact. Pennsylvannia
Convention Center, Philadelphia, PA. July 17th
Economic Growth in Rural Communities and the New Immigrants. Rural Newy York at a
Crossroads: Research, Outreach and Policy. A Symposium for Central NY’s Federal and State
Legislative representatives. Statler Hotel. Cornell University. June 3rd
Immigrants in Rural Communities: An Asset or Burden. Sustainable Agriculture Research and
Education Program (SARE). North East Region. Hilton Garden Inn, Albany, NY. Feb. 24
Who are the farmworkers? A demographic profile. Good Agricultural Practices. Research and
Extension Conference. Renaissance Hotel, Orlando FL. January 12
Identifying the Needs of Immigrants in Rural Communites. Catholic Diocesis, Rochester, NY
November 11.
Immigrants and the Communities. Five New York Rural Communities. The Cornell Cooperative
Extension Catalyst Team. The Strength of Diversity Conference. Windham Syracuse Hotel.
November 10.
Immigrants and the Communities. Multi-Cultural Resource Center Task Force. Geneva, NY
October 23.
Mexican Immigrants in New York State and the Communities of Origin. Benemérita Universidad
Autónoma de Puebla. Instituto de Investigaciones Sociales. Puebla, Mexico. August 10.
Immigrant Agriculture Workers in New York. Health Needs of the Agricultural Workforce
Conference. Lafayette, NY. July 15.
Immigrants and the Communities. Albany Legislative Office Building. 3rd Floor Terrace, June 8.
Sodus, NY. Presentations Project “Integrating the Needs of Immigrant Workers and Rural
Communities” findings: March 22, April 25, November 1.
Middletown, NY.Presentation of project findings “Integrating the Needs of Immigrant Workers
and Rural Communities” in selected participating communities. May 19, June 5
In-migration of Minorities and Foreign-born Persons into Rural New York Communities. Rural
New York Initiatives. Polson Institute for Global Development, March 16.
Latino Health. Ithaca College. School of Health Sciences and Human Performance.
February 5.
Climate Assessment Preliminary Report. Cornell Cooperative Extension. Executive
Leadership Conference. Clarion Hotel. Ithaca, NY. March 12.
Changing Agriculture and Changing Rural Life. Rural Opportunities, Inc. Board Meeting.
Harrisburg, PA. July17.
Social Capital and Immigrant Integration in Rural Communities. Annual Meeting of the Rural
Sociological Association. Montreal, July 27-30,
Integrating the Needs of Immigrant Workers and Rural Communities. Preliminary Results.
Middletown, NY. Rural Opportunities Inc., October 30.
Integrating the Needs of Immigrant Workers and Rural Communities. Preliminary results. Sodus
United Methodist Church. November 3.
New Immigrants: Burden or Asset in Rural Communities. Semana Chicana. Mecha. Cornell.
November 5.
Immigrants as a Catalyst for Economic and Community Development. Annual Meeting of
Northeast Section of Regional Science Association. Binghamton University. November 7.
Rural Communities and the New Immigrants. 102nd Annual Meeting American Anthropological
Association. Chicago, Ill., November 19-23.
“Ability and Disability Among White, Black, and Latino Sub-groups, 60 years and Older, 1990. Rural
Sociological Association, Albuquerque, NM. August 14-18, 2001.
“Changing family and community structures: The impact of social and family support on elderly
Puerto Rican.” 128th American Public Health Association. November 14, 2000. Boston, MA.
“Traditional midwives’ changing patterns of service: A survival strategy in modern times” Discussant.
VII Annual Meeting of the Midwives Alliance of North America (MANA). June 24-25. San Luis
Potosí, Mexico.
“Uma parceira para a saude: Atendendo familias ruralis em Honduras. Seminario dos Perspectivas
Comparadas sobre Populacao e Sustentabilidade Rural. August 7, 2000. University of Campinas.
Immigrants and Ethnic Economies
The Limits of Social Capital for Immigrant Integration in Rural Communities
Community Response to Immigrants in New Destinations
National Debates, Local Responses, and Partisan Alignment on Immigration
Immigration: The challenges of integration
Nutrition, diet and chronic disease among new immigrants
Health Status of minorities (culture, immigration)
Aging minorities in the U.S.
Dr. Parra’s research examines the role of immigration, acculturation and poverty in the health
status of minority populations. The focus of her research is one of disease and risk prevention,
with special emphasis on applied research to design and test interventions to achieve long-term
health behavior change. She has been awarded grants from the National Institute for Mental
Health, the US Department of Agriculture, the Social Science Research Council, and has
published on health related issues.
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