FROM THE DESK OF MRS. KRIEGER September 3, 2014 Dear

September 3, 2014
Dear Parents,
Just a quick note to say “Hello! and welcome you back to a new school year! As
your child may have already informed you back in June, I am your child’s Special
Education Teacher once again this year. My role when working with your child is to
provide co-teacher services. (See the description below for further details from the state
regulations on this type of service).
Section 200.6(g) A school district may include integrated co-teaching services in its continuum
of services. Integrated co-teaching services means the provision of specially designed instruction and
academic instruction provided to a group of students with disabilities and non-disabled students.
(1) The maximum number of students with disabilities receiving integrated co-teaching services in a class
shall be determined in accordance with the students’ individual needs as recommended on their IEPs,
provided and shall not exceed 12 students.
(2) School personnel assigned to each class shall minimally include a special education teacher and a
general education teacher.
(3) Additional personnel, including supplementary school personnel, assigned to such classes by the
district, may not serve as the special education teacher pursuant to paragraph (2) of this subdivision.
I have already started my services and am eager to meet you on Thursday,
September 18th at Open House. Feel free to stop by my room (Room 24) and say, “Hi!”
Also, since there will be limited time during Open House for us to speak on a
personal level regarding your child and his/her individualized plan, I will be setting up
conferences in the coming weeks to discuss any questions or concerns you might have
and discuss the goals for your child this year.
Again, I am looking forward to seeing you and I anticipate a successful and
exciting year of learning.
Mrs. M. Krieger
Phone- 537-8250 ext 5024