объявление о докладе Зета

Понедельник, 7 февраля, 15-00
Зал совещаний, БОН, 5-й этаж
Kornelius Zeth
Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology
Department of Protein Evolution
Tuebingen, Germany
How to kill a bacterium – structures and
Bacteria are the target of different anti-microbial molecules derived
from the variety of surrounding combatants. These molecules can be
produced by neighboring bacteria of the same local niche or from
eukaryotic hosts which suppress the uncontrolled bacterial spread by
the secretion of anti-microbial peptides. Bacteriocins are the most well
known class of proteins which are secreted by many bacterial strains
to kill closely related bacteria in solution. Strategies of higher
eukaryotes are different in that anti-microbial peptides are secreted to
suppress the bacterial growth and possible infections. New protein
structures of both classes of molecules provide hints into the specific
underlying mechanisms of uptake and action.
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