Jay F. Jones, Inc. is a lease brokerage company providing all phases of landwork in the Arkoma
Basin and Fayetteville Shale areas of Arkansas and Oklahoma in addition to wireless
telecommunications site work. Jay F. Jones, Inc. is not one of the largest brokers, but the quality
control of the work product is much better than the large firms.
 Nearly 30 years of experience in field and office work requiring excellent
negotiating and interpersonal skills
 University of Arkansas business degree
 Proven abilities in project coordination and supervision
 Detail-minded - thorough in performing analytical tasks
 Computer literate - Macintosh Desktop and Toshiba Laptops with Microsoft
Office Professional 2007 software
2000-Present Self-employed Landman, Lease Broker & Wireless Site Acquisition Services
UNISITE, Tampa, Florida
Site Acquisition Consultant and Zoning Consultant in Arkansas & Oklahoma
June 1996
To 1998
Richmond, Virginia and Austin, Texas
Site Acquisition Consultant and Zoning Consultant
In charge of master co-location agreement with AT&T in zoning, acquisition and
development of wireless digital sites.
- Coordinate site development with construction and structural engineering
- Extensive work in administering documentation and flow of information from
the field to corporate.
- Represent the company to landowners (farmers, private landholders,
municipalities) to negotiate terms and conditions for site utilization.
 Established a new office in Rio Grande Valley to facilitate zoning, raw land site
and rooftop acquisitions as well as utilization of municipal water tanks.
 Negotiated rooftop acquisitions in South Padre Island and Brownsville, Texas.
 Met all deadlines and brought in $1/2 million in revenue from co-locations to
 Developed a cost recovery concept that was implemented by management.
Landman and Brokerage Services;Wireless Site Acquisition Services
Represented major and independent oil and gas companies to landowners for
drilling and exploration purposes. Handled inter-company negotiations.
- Developed prospects, negotiated terms and secured leases. Liaison between
oil/gas company management and prospect. Handled JOA’s & Farmouts.
- Researched ownership reports on entire sections of land. Gathered information
in the field, from property owners and courthouses pertaining to leaseholds,
curative, platting leases, and determined working interests and net revenue
interests of other companies.
- Followed up after construction, settled property damages and coordinated clean
up to ensure landowner satisfaction.
- One-to-one interaction with attorneys, oil and gas professionals, business
owners, clerical personnel, farmers and private landowners.
- Testified before regulatory agencies.
 Recognized as the only person to pass landman certification exam without
sitting for the multi-day review session.
Various oil and gas companies and Verizon Wireless (2004-Present)
Merit Energy Company (2003-2004)
Dallas, Texas
Fairway Land Services, Inc. (1999, 2001-2004)
Ft. Smith, Arkansas
Armer & Quillen, LLC (2000-2001)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Barrett Resources Corporation (1996)
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Noel Nally Oil & Gas Operations (1996)
Fort Smith, Arkansas
Amoco Production Company (1994)
Denver, Colorado
Toreador Royalty Corporation (1993-1994)
Dallas, Texas
Reliance Operating Company (1990-1996, 1998-2008)
Midland, Texas
Gary A. Monroe & Associates (1990)
Fort Smith, Arkansas
W. R. Wilson Company (1989, 1990)
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Choctaw Corporation (1989)
Houston, Texas
Transamerica Energy Associates (1989)
Tulsa, Oklahoma
I. P. Petroleum Co., Inc. (1987-1989)
Houston, Texas
Gatling & Gatling, Inc. (1986)
Van Buren, Arkansas
Texaco, Inc. (1986)
Denver, Colorado
Verla C. Respass-Largent (1985)
Fort Smith, Arkansas
Thomas C. Mueller (1983-1985)*
Fort Smith, Arkansas
Mid-Continent Petroleum Properties (1983)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Petroleum Landmen’s Services (1983)
Fort Smith, Arkansas
C. M. Fleetwood (1981-1982)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
* Staff Landman with Mueller from July 1983 to Sept. 1985
University of Arkansas
Fayetteville, Arkansas
B.S.B.A., Finance and Banking (1979)
M.B.A. Program, 9 hours
University of Arkansas School of Law - 43 hours
Sales, legal aspects of real property, natural resources, environmental, oil and gas issues
Civic Contributions
Past Chairman of the Board, Western Arkansas Chapter, American Red Cross
Past President, Commissary Kiwanis Club, Former Officer of Ft. SmithAPL
Jay F. Jones, CPL, President
Certified Professional Landman
2622 South 46th Street
Fort Smith, Arkansas 72903-3529
Phone 479.494.0644
Cell 479.629.2000
Fax 479.494.1932
E-mail: [email protected]
Jay F. Jones, Inc. is a lease brokerage company providing all phases of landwork in the Arkoma Basin and
Fayetteville Shale areas of Arkansas and Oklahoma in addition to wireless site acquisitions. I am
forwarding my current résumé to you for your review, in view of my interest in discussing such an
opportunity with your company.
In the last several years I have been a self-employed landman, lease broker and site acquisition and zoning
consultant. My work involved title and leasing as well as zoning and acquisition of sites in Arkansas and
Oklahoma. I have handled Joint Operating Agreements and Farmouts. I have completed a project where I
was in charge of locating and leasing sites for communication sites in South Texas. I was previously
assigned to the Richmond, Virginia area, where I was in charge of AT&T co-location involving twentythree sites.
My years as a Certified Professional Landman afforded valuable experience in purchasing hundreds of oil
and gas leases in several states. I worked closely with attorneys in coordinating lawsuits, and dealt with
numerous regulatory entities. I enlisted landman contractors on larger projects, which necessitated
scheduling, supervision, and overseeing compliance to mission objectives.
I believe one of my key accomplishments is my rate of success in negotiating contractual agreements.
Throughout my career, when there have been complaints from landowners, I have been very effective in
resolving complex issues to quell the dissatisfaction while protecting company interests.
If you are looking for a career-minded individual with a proven record of performance, I would welcome a
personal interview at your convenience to discuss brokerage possibilities with your company. I am
prepared to supply excellent professional references upon your request.
Thank you for your time and consideration in reviewing my qualifications. I look forward to your
Jay F. Jones
CPL# 5135