Gladys Castle Papers [M256]

Collection Title:
Gladys Castle Papers
Collection Number:
M256 / 98-037
Inclusive Dates:
1926 – 1986
Bulk Dates:
1955 – 1985
3.0 Cubic Feet
W. Ray / T. Rowe
Gladys C. Castle was born in Kilmichael, Mississippi on a farm. Castle attended Delta
State Teachers College in 1926. In 1928 she became secretary to Dean William H.
Zeigel. She was a President of the Delta State Alumni Association and held other elective
alumni positions. She was also, a member of the Administrative Board of the First United
Methodist Church of Cleveland. She was a noted photographer. She was published in
numerous newspapers, mostly in the Commercial Appeal in Memphis, Tennessee. She
won numerous newspapers and snapshot awards. She was the first woman at Delta State
University to have been initiated into the ODK. She served under five deans at Delta
State University: Dr. William Henry Zeigel, Dr. Joe Farrar, Dr. Thomas Daniel Young,
Dr. James Hayes McLendon, and Dr. Jack Winton Gunn
Scope and Content:
This collection consists of documents from Gladys Castle’s career as secretary at Delta
State University. The collection contains letters, professional documents, news clippings,
and numerous photographs taken by Miss Castle.
The collection is divided into six series:
1. Photographs
2. Professional Documents
3. Personal Letters
4. Newspaper clippings
5. Drafts of articles
6. Negatives
Castle, Gladys C. Papers #M256
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Box 1
Box / Folder
1 / 1
Rough draft of a paper
1986 Rowan County Register (4 Volumes)
’77-78 Lady Statesmen
Dolphin Echoes
Info on Dr. Zeigel
Play “The Patsy” DSU 1930
Notes to Eleanor regarding DSU
“Confidante” #1 – Art Literary Magazine
DSU – 60 Years of Service Booklet
Delta State College Report for Phase II of the Mississippi Role and
Scope Study Delta State University 1966
Delta Council Annual Meeting Invitation 1977
The Basis and need for conservation education in the Southern
States (Address Nov. 1948 by Dr. Kethley)
Tapestry Delta State University 1991
Bulletin of the Delta State Teachers College The work of the
Scribes Club Sept. 1941
Alumni News Delta State University Fall 1975, Oct. 1968, 1977
The Delta Guide Book
Delta State College Thirty-Sixth Annual Commencement 1963 (3)
Southern Literary Festival Eleventh Anniversary Mississippi Delta
State Teachers College DSU 1948 (2 copies)
University of Mississippi Centennial Series Annual Meeting of the
Southern Literary Festival Association 1949
The Southern literary Festival Association Assembly at DS 1955
Alumni News Delta State March 1972
Alumni News Delta State June 1972
Alumni News Delta State March 1969
Delta State College Report of the President to the Board of Trustees
Mississippi Delta State Teachers College in memoriam Dr.
William Henry Zeigel and Dr. Kenneth L. Daugherty 1947
Delta State University Inauguration – Forest Kent Wyatt
Delta State University 1981 Homecoming information
Delta State Teachers College Alumni and Athletic Banquet 1940
Eleanor B. Walters Presentation Speech 1967 Outstanding Alumni
Castle, Gladys C. Papers #M256
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Box / Folder
1 / 5
Wedding Napkin Aug. 2, 1968 Mary And David
Ribbon from Crosstie
Memo from Office of Jack Gunn
Letter to Virginia
Remittance Advice – Winner 1963 Snapshot Contest
Commencement Leland High School 1964
Sketch by Maxine
Copies of sketches of buildings – Y Hut, and unknown building
Works Progress for Mississippi Source Material for Mississippi History
Preliminary manuscript Bolivar County (railroad info)
Kodak envelope
Photo Supply Invoice 1971
Blank envelope
Blank insurance plan
Note from Mike Robbins
Listing of Church members
Pamphlet from MS Tourism Crafts
1979 – 80 Pamphlet from University Press of MS
1972 AmTrak Info
Program featuring Delta State majorettes of the Green/White Band
The Delta Council by Dr. Kethley
Program of Delta Council May 27, 1980 (2)
Laminated/copy Oct. 5, 1981 of Miss Castle receiving KiwanisAward
Clipping “Dr. Kethley survives Bilbo’s Ouster Move” Comm. Appeal
Clipping Bol. Commercial Dec. 20, 1962 – Poem
Clipping Comm. App. Paul Flowers’ Greenhouse
Miss Delta Nov. 8, 1979 Dedication of Lena Roberts-Sillers Chapel
Clipping Bol. Comm. Sept. 20, 1978 “Have you Heard” by Evelyn North
Clipping “Miss Gladys Castle honored with painting”
Clipping Bol. Com. Sept. 13, 1979 “MET membership to Meet”
Clipping Comm. Appeal May 3, 1970 Wedding Plans for GannawayLooney (2)
Clipping DDT “Gannaway-Looney wed June 23, 1970”
Clipping Jackson Daily March 29, 1970 “Looney Gannaway Wed (2)
Castle, Gladys C. Papers #M256
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Box / Folder
1 / 11
Clipping Jackson Daily Jan 26, 1968 Wedding Announcement
Clipping Leland Progress Looney Gannaway Wedding June 18, 1970 (3)
Clipping “Coleman: Young buy fairly well”
Clipping Winona Times Nov 30, 1967 “Castle Chosen as
Outstanding Alumni of 1967”
Clipping: Anna Looney, Leland Photo by Gladys Castle
Clipping National Cemetery in Vicksburg, Photo by Gladys Castle
Clipping Clarion Ledger Feb. 21, 1975 Marshall Plan First Revealed
At Delta Council
Clipping MS United Methodist Advocate Aug. 22, 1979 “James Broom”
Resume for Jay Castle Brain
Commencement Invitation from Leland Academy May 31, 1971
MS Educational Advance Nov 1967 “Castle honored at DS Homecoming
Clipping laminated of Castle with cookbook.
Clipping May 19, 1966 of engagements.
Clipping Miss Delta Oct. 23, 1967 “Outstanding Alumni Named”
Clipping Sept. 9, 1960 Delta State enrollment and photo
Clipping Bride Elect Complimented
Clipping 1st Presbyterian Church at Port Gibson, MS
1 / 12
Personal Correspondence
1 / 13
Biographical Information on Miss Castle (2)
Remarks by Jack Gunn on Castle Retirement (3 pages)
Notes dated march 31, 1977 on Castle (3 pages)
Genealogy on Castle Family (5 pages)
1 / 14
Photo of Presbyterian Church at Port Gibson, MS
Text for Church Picture
Photo of Sardis Dam
Text for Dam
Narrative by Virginia Thompson of 7 DSTC instructors with
Photo by Gladys Castle (5)
News Clipping July 2, 1957 “Mound Bayou Plans Anniversary Party
with photo
Outline of Church History dated July 28, 1983 (1 Page)
“Delta State and the Development of MS” by Dr. R.A. McLemore
dated June 2, 1968 given at Delta State Commencement
Photocopy of “The Mill” by Clyde Wade
“Coggie’s Cotton Dolls” 1 pg incomplete narrative
1 / 15
Photographs of Church’s
1 / 16
Photographs of Portraits / Still life
Castle, Gladys C. Papers #M256
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Box / Folder
1 / 17
Photographs of Horses and Cows
Photographs of Delta State Buildings
Photographs of Delta State Sports
Photographs Buildings / Places
Photographs Landscapes / Waterscapes / Bridges / Miss. River
Photographs Archeology
Photographs Landmark Signs
Photographs Portraits: Mary Ann Bell Odom with group,
Dean Acheson announcing Marshall Plan, Edward Bibb Hill,
Old T Model, Mimi Dossett 1954
Photographic Negatives
Photographs Groups / DSU Postcard, Mary Fugler / Buildings / Others
Photographs Several of Delta Council Cooking Chicken 1963; 1970
Narratives for Photos
Gladys Castle Letters / Memo Booklet
Bulletin of DSTC 1941-42 The Work of the Scribe Club
“Here’s Cleveland” May-June 1970
Bulletin of DSTC “The Life of Jim Broom” 1949
Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development National
Education Association Annual Meeting 1946
Department of the State Confidential Future Release
Listing of Delta State Grads 1931, 1932, 1933
MS DSTC Baccalaureate Service (3 copies ) 1944
DSU 1979 Homecoming Information
Cleveland Community Theatre “The Music Man”
Castle, Gladys C. Papers #M256
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Continued Box 1
Box / Folder
1 / 33
Harper’s Map of Mississippi February 1864
Clippings: Bolivar Comm. Supplement Sept. 11, 1978 features Delta State
Appreciation Week
Clipping: Comm. Appeal Article on Photography May 11, 1978
Copiah County Meteor July 30, 1980 on Dr. Kethley
Clipping DDT June 15, 1980 Faulkner Work Donated
Clipping Bolivar Co. celebrates 100 years 1966
Letter from J.M. Ewing Oct. 31, 1956 to 1956-57 Alumni Officials
Writings of Miss Castle on Literary Festival (6 pages)
Miscellaneous handwritten notes (4 pages)
Blank envelope addressed to Mrs. R.K. Winter
Photographs of Delta State University
Box 2
Box / Unfoldered Books/Objects
2 / Unfol.
A History of the Southern Literary Festival by Emory Davis Jones
State Building Commission State of MS Physical Facilities MS College
Delta State College
The New World Book of Looneys
Bulletin of Delta State University Catalog Issue 1977-78
Bulletin of Delta State University Catalog Issue 1981-1982
Bulletin of Delta State University Catalog Issue 1985-86
Bulletin of Delta State College: A Collection of Student Writing
1957-58 (3 copies)
Handbook for Faculty and Staff Delta State College 1970-71 Revision.
2 filmstrips not labeled.
4 printing plates of DSU Buildings.
1 rubber stamp “photo courtesy of Gladys C. Castle & address”
Castle, Gladys C. Papers #M256
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Box 3
Box / Folder
3 / 1
Delta State University Faculty Programs 1936-37 (3 copies)
Literary Examinations Mississippi Junior Colleges (1937-38
Psychology 1937-38, English-Lit 1936, English-Lit 1936-37, Hygiene
1936, Hygiene 1936-37
1959 Check Stub
Dr. Kirk Letters
Miscellaneous Documents
Teachers College Newspaper Nov. 18, 1937 Dr. John Kirk Dies
Dean Zeigel Letters 1944-46
Dean Zeigel Documents/Letters 1932-46
Teacher Training Documents/Teacher Education by Dr. Zeigel
Delta State University Documents Jan. 1945 Report to IHL - Dr. Kethley
Implications of Teaching Consumer Buying by C.V.Casady 1938
Delta State University Documents Info on Grades 1927-41
Handwritten Notes/Letters
Instructor’s course cards
Initiation Banquet for Omicron Delta Kappa
Clipping Aug 18, 1944 Zeigel portrait
Miss Delta Old photos of DSU
Sculptors Comm. Appeal April 24, 1957; May 23, 1957 Art.
Wesley Foundation;
Comm. Appeal clipping Dec. 5, 1962 for play
Copy of DSC plaque;
Clipping Comm. Appeal June 8, 1965 Graduate Classes Start
Clipping Jackson Daily Aug 3, 1936 City of Cleveland and Delta State
1937 1st,2nd, 3rd issue of The Gist New Orleans, LA
Bolivar Commercial Oct 19, 1945 Dr. Howard Zeigel weds
Castle, Gladys C. Papers #M256
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Box / Folder
3 / 13
Sheet Music
Delta State Programs:
1991, 1940 Athletic Banquet,
Zeigel, Daughterity Memorial 1947 (2 copies)
Inauguration of Forest Kent Wyatt
1949 Life of Jim Broom
1991 Homecoming Program (5copies)
Christmas Program
Homecoming Program 1940
Dedication program of 1979 Lena Roberts-Sillers Chapel (3copies)
1991 Delta Currents
Delta State Bulletin
Business Letters/Documents Delta State University – Carol Brumby
Delta State University Papers:
1981 Construction of 2 dorms
Field Service Program 1941-42
Orientation Program 1951
Faculty Program 1936, 1937, 1938
Teacher Objectives
Senate Finance Committee Document – Appointments by County
Dean Zeigel Letters/Documents
Dean Zeigel Letters/Documents
Dean Zeigel Letters/Documents
Dean Zeigel’s National Education Association Documents/Letters 1937
Delta State University Documents/Letters
1945 Annual Report of the President’ Council DSTC
Mississippi House Bill #143
Program by John Kirk March 20, 1935
Mississippi Advance Magazine
Report from the Presidents Council State of Mississippi (3 copies)
Castle, Gladys C. Papers #M256
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Continued Box 3
Box / Folder
3 / 26
Magazine The Collegiate Guide Post 1974
Letter from Castle regarding Kethley bio and photos
Zeigel Miscellaneous correspondence 1928-1956
Miscellaneous correspondence
Zeigel Transcript
Zeigel Miscellaneous correspondence 1927-1933
Zeigel Miscellaneous correspondence 1926-1942
Zeigel Miscellaneous correspondence 1928-1946
4 / 1
Delta State Programs (Various) 1927-1978
 May Festival
 Banquet 1930 (2)
 The Mississippi Academy of Science Program (2)
 Semi-Annual Meeting Men of the North Mississippi Presbytery
 American Education Week
 Special Assembly to Hear Representatives of the State Dept. of
 11th Annual Conference of Mississippi Intercollegiate Association
 County Superintendent’s Day
 The Effect of a War Time Defense Program on Public Education
 Conference on Problems of Teacher Shortage in Mississippi
 The National Commander
 17th Annual Conference of Mississippi Inter-Collegiate Association
of the Student Government Organizations For Women
 Program of Mississippi Inter-Collegiate Council
 Assembly Program April 17, 1952
 4th Annual Business Education Conference
 An address by the Honorable Walter Sillers
 Delta State College Family Dinner honoring President & Mrs.
James Milton Ewing
 Convocation-Signing of House Bill Number 298-Changing the
Name of Delta State College to Delta State University March 5,
1979 (7)
 Dedication of Chadwick-Dickson Intercollegiate Athletic Building
 The 3rd in the Nellie Nugent Somerville Lecture Series on
Government & Public Affairs
Castle, Gladys C. Papers #M256
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Box 4 continued
Box / Folder
Annual Joint Meeting
Delta-Wide Farm Bureau Meeting
7th Annual Collegiate Fellowship Conference Presbyterian Church,
Shelby High School Graduation Exercises
The Green Book (2)
Delta State Fine Arts 1930-1969
 Chorus Recital-May 8, 1930
 Louise Essex Cellist-June 21, 1930
 “The Patsy” A Comedy in Three Acts
 Music Dept. Faculty Concert
 Delta State Teachers College Program-Aug. 10, 1931
 Childe Jesus A Christmas Cantata by Joseph Clokey & Hazel Kirk
 Marian Shumate presents Katherine Lorance in Piano Recital
 Sarah Lou Smith-violinist
 The Shaw High School presents The Girl’s Glee Club of the Delta State
Teachers College
 Marian Shumate & Annetta McDevitt in Piano & Violin Recital
 Robert Penitz & Karol Liszniewski in Concert (2)
 Marian Shumate presents Memebers of Her Piano & Violin Class in
Student Recital
 Concert Girl’s Glee Club
 Raymund Koch-baritone
 Men’s & Women’s Glee Clubs in a Choral Concert
 Christmas Music Concert (4)
 Marian Shumate presents Lesca Moore, Celeste Moore, Edna Nunnery in
Piano & Violin Recital
 Mississippi Valley Interscholastic Dramatic Tournament
 Vesper Choir “The Messiah” by George Frederick Handel
 Concert Girl’s Glee Club
 Recital by Glenice Henley & Claire Michie
 Christmas Music Festival (2) 1934
 Catalog Fine Arts Exhibit 1935
 Home Concert-The Delta Singers (2)
 Faust, The Wicked Magician, A Marionette Play
 Women’s Glee Club
 The Zeta Epsilon Cast of Alpha Psi Omega presents “The Importance of
Being Earnest” by Oscar Wilder (2)
 Christmas Music Festival 1936
Castle, Gladys C. Papers #M256
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Box 4 continued
Box / Folder
 Christmas Music Fstival 1937
 The College Orchestra
 Student Recital-May 10, 1938
 “Alice in Wonderland”
 Green & White Band in Christmas Concert
 Three One-Act Plays 1944
 Three One-Act Plays 1945
 Mississippi High School Regional Band Festival 1944
 The Delta Singers
 Piano Recital March 16, 1948
 Piano Recital May 5, 1949
 Dept. of Music presents Bonnie Sharp-contralto, Jean Knighten-soprano,
William Trim-Tenor, Betty Wiggins Powell-mezzo-soprano, Gwendolyn
 Vocal Recital-Dec. 12, 1950
 Helen James, Bonnie Sharp, Mary Dean Lewis, Joyeanne Peeples in
 Piano Recital-Oct. 25, 1951
 Christmas Concert by the Combined Bands
 Delta Choral Festival Concert
 Jane Williams in Recital
 The Choral Club-“The Messiah”-Dec. 16, 1952
 Voice Recital-Nov. 21, 1952 (2)
 A Christmas Concert-Dec 11, 1952
 Delta Bandmaster Day
 Delta Playhouse presents The Servant In The House
 The Delta State College Concert Band in a Spring Concert May 12, 1953
 Delta Playhouse presents Dark Victory
 The Music Dept. & Delta Playhouse-The Telephone & Down In The
 Animal and the Night visitors presented by The Music Dept.
 The Delta Chorales-Annual Spring Tour Concert, 1968
 The Delta Singers in The Tenebrae Service
 The Delta Players present Two One-Act Plays
 Delta Playhouse presents Little Prison
 Delta Playhouse presents The One Act Play Tournament
 The Coffer-Miller Players in The King’s Dilemma
 A Delta Playhouse presentation The Far Off Hills
 The Barter Theatre of Virginia on National Tour in the Glass Menagerie
 The Delta Players present The Man Who Came to Dinner
 Daddy Long Legs presented by the Senior Class (2)
Castle, Gladys C. Papers #M256
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Box 4 continued
Box / Folder
 The Boomerang presented by the Junior Class (3)
 Delta Playhouse & the Music Dept. present “Once Upon A Mattress”
 Delta Playhouse presents “A Sleep of Prisoners”
 Fine Arts May 25 to Gladys Castle
 Art Room Studio May 21, Miss Gladys Castle
 Mikado (2)
 Senior Thesis Show Poster
 Glen Yarbrough in Concert
 Joan Bennett & Zachary Scott in “Bell, Book and Candle”
 The Delta Singers
 Choral Concert
 Mississippi Delta State Teachers College Band
 Samuel Thaviu-violinist, Leola Aikman-coloratura soprano, Harry
 The Davies Light Opera Company
 Hansel and Gretel A fairy Opera in Tree Acts (2)
 The Delta Singers & The Delta State Band
 Spring Music Festival, The Delta Singers (2)
 The Hill Demonstration School Choir, The Delta Singers, The Delta State
 Broadcast Program
 Faculty Recital
 Recital by Margaret Hamilton (2)
 The Delta Singers, The Delta State Band
 Program for Marguerite Melville Liszniewski’s Recital
 Program-George Kester-tenor, Herbert Summerfield-accompanist
 Voice-Piano Student Recital
 “White Gifts for the King”
 Whistle Stop Playhouse
Delta State University Commencement 1931-1982
Baccalaureate Service-May 24, 1931
Aug. 19, 1977
May 27, 1978
Aug. 11, 1978
Aug. 7, 1981
Aug. 13, 1982 (4)
Mississippi Association of School Secretaries 1932, 1936, 1937, 1951
Correspondence from William H. Zeigel, Dean
Programs for summer quarter, 1936
Castle, Gladys C. Papers #M256
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Box 4 continued
Box / Folder
4 / 6 Showing of Instructional Sound Films
Daily Cost Statement
Delta State College Orientation & Registration 1934-1971
Delta State Faculty & Staff 1934-1992
Plan for the Improvement of College Instruction (2)
Program for Faculty Meetings
Faculty Programs 1937-38 (2)
Schedule of Faculty Study Programs
Faculty Program, 1943-44
Report of Committee on Curriculum & Courses…Oct 1944
Faculty Study Program 1944-45
Report to the Study Commission-Brief History
Grade Distributions (by percentage) Spring 1966
Correspondence to Faculty/Staff Members from Jack W. Gunn
Faculty-Staff Directory 1991-1992
The Schools of Bolivar County Mississippi
Delta State University Bulletin 1936-1988
Delta State Teachers College Christmas Dinner Invitations 1937-1940
Dec. 15, 1937
Dec. 13, 1938 (2)
For Miss Wynn-Dec. 18, 1940
For Mr. Casady-Dec. 18, 1940
For Jane Oliiver-Dec. 18, 1940
For Miss Castle-Dec. 18, 1940
For Miss Gillespie-Dec. 18, 1940
For Mr. Dickson-Dec. 18, 1940
MDSTC in Memoriam 1938, 1947
Miss Laurie Doolittle (1866-1938)
Dr. William Henry Zeigel (1875-1947) & Dr Kenneth L. Daughrity (1898-1947)
Alumni & Athletic Banquet 1940 (2)
Public School & National Defense Committee Summary 1940
Delta State Homecoming 1940-1992
DSTC Conference on Reading Problems 1940-1944
Reading Lab Institute June 6-15, 1940 (2)
Castle, Gladys C. Papers #M256
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Box 4 continued
Box / Folder
4 / 15 4th Annual Conference on Reading Problems, June 4-13, 1942 (2)
5th Annual Conference on Reading Problems, June 3-12, 1943 (2)
6th Annual Conference on Reading Problems, June 7-16, 1944
16 Delta State College Department Catalogues 1941-1948
Vocational Home Economics (work to begin Sept. 9, 1941)
Department of Business Bulletin-Sept. 1948
Music Department-Dec. 1948
Delta State Alumni 1947-1992
State Alumnus, Dec. 1947
Alumni News, March 1978
Alumni News, May 1978
Alumni News, Oct. 1978
Alumni News, Dec. 1978
Alumni News, Winter 1986
1989 Outstanding Alumnus of the Year, John R. Tabb
Alumni Directory 1989
1992 Outstanding Alumnus of the Year, Mr. William F. LaForge
Statement of the Board of Directors
Minutes Delta State College Alumni Historical Committee
Various Correspondences to Gladys Castle 1949, 1969, 1981, 1984, 1991
Religious Emphasis Week 1949-1966
The Press-Scimitar Correspondent 1951
Invitations & Cards to Gladys Castle 1951, 1981, 1986, 1987
Wedding Invitation from Mrs. Robert Whitefield Bullen-1951
Wedding Invitation from Brenda Montague & Lewis Cotton-1981
Painting Exhibit Invitation, Sunday, May 4, 1986
Thanksgiving Card-1987
(other) Banquet Invitation to Catherine Williams
Delta State High School Day 1952
January 26, 1952
November 15, 1952
High School Day Program
Libraries 1952, 1981
Library News-March 1952
Mississippi Libraries
Castle, Gladys C. Papers #M256
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Box / Folder
4 / 24 DSTC Newspaper Articles (Various Sources) 1952-1990
They Will Teach In Mississippi High Schools-Article
“Comments on Books” Delta Democrat Times-Sun, May 26, 1957
Football practice underway at DSC-Thurs, Aug. 17, 1972
Area students on honor lists-Wed, June 2, 1976
Backward Glance-Article
Delta State University Appreciation Week-Sept. 10-Sept. 16
Mrs. Brooke Hunter Kethley-Article
One Hand Smith unknowingly farmed atop world’s largest gravel pit-8/22/78
Perfect grades tribute to DSU graduate
The move to back-to-basics education gaining strength-Oct. 22, 1978
Industry Appreciation Week-Aug. 28, 1978
This Town by W.M. Lauderdale, Daily News Managing Editor
Kethley prominent educator-article
Old treasure map spurs-article
Teacher with a Twist-Nov. 13, 1980 (2)
Dr. Jacob, DSU dean will be missed-1990 article
Delta State College Doomed by Measure-copied article
Delta State Aviation 1961
DSU Commercial Aviation Pamphlet
Aviation Education Workshop June 8-July 14, 1961 (3)
Faculty Bulletin 1972
March 10, 1972
May 19, 1972
Delta State College Inauguration Ceremonies 1972, 1975
Inauguration of Aubrey Keith Lucas as President (14)- April 28, 1972
Appreciation Letter to Miss Gladys Castle from Aubrey K. Lucas
Inauguration Convocation-Nov. 21, 1975 (2)
Correspondence from Robert N. Walters-Sep. 27, 1976
Jack Gunn 1973, 1975
Written Correspondence to Miss Castle from Terri Austin Slay
Note from Office of Jack W. Gunn
Correspondence to Dr. Gunn from Mrs. W.W. Ford, Jr.-July 18, 1975
Our Opportunities at Delta State
Delta State Fraternities 1973-74, 1987
Note to Gladys from Lucy S. Howorth Tues, April 17, 1987
Initiation Banquet for Omicron Delta Kappa-Nov. 16, 1987
Zeta Beta Chapter, Pi Kappa Alpha, School Calendar 1973-1974
Castle, Gladys C. Papers #M256
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Box / Folder
4 / 30 Mississippi Power and Light 1974
31 Printed Program Committee 1975
32 Lady Statesmen Roster 1976-1977
33 American Association of University Women 1977
34 Roberts LaForge Library 1977
Greeting Card
1977 Library Guide (4)
35 United States National Olympic Team 1978
36 Delta State University, Class of 1930, 50th Anniversary Celebration 1980
50th Anniversary Program-Oct. 24, 1980
Letter to Alumni Association-Oct. 7, 1980
Letter to Miss Gladys Castle from Hal Carnes-Sept. 25, 1980
Letter to Miss Gladys Castle-Sept. 30, 1980
Postcard to Alumni Associated from Elsie Willis-Oct. 8, 1980
Note to Flanning Committee of Class of 1930-Oct. 21, 1980
Correspondence to Miss Gladys Castle from William D. McCain-Sept. 23, 1980
Correspondence to Members & Spouses of the Class of 1930-Oct. 8, 1980
Note of New Address
37 University Press of Mississippi 1980, 1981
Fall 1980 Catalog
Fall Books 1981
38 Delta Council 1982
Showboat Showcase, Fashion Show 1982
47th Annual Meeting of Delta Council-May 28, 1982
39 The University of Southern Mississippi, 1991
Correspondence to Miss Gladys Castle from William D. McCain-July 16, 1991
An Address on Delta State College by William D. McCain
Article-Ellis N. Abdo, Jr.
Correspondence to Miss Gladys Castle from William D. McCain-June 24, 1991
Some Reminiscences of a Student in Delta State Teachers College, Now Delta
State University by William D. McCain
Mississippi Department of Archives & History 1992
Correspondence to Miss Gladys Castle from Elbert R. Hilliard-Oct. 8, 1992
Castle, Gladys C. Papers #M256
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Box / Folder
4 / 40 Printed Article-Noted Aviatrix Joins Delta State Faculty
Correspondence to Miss Gladys Castle from Elbert R. Hilliard-Nov. 3, 1992
Printed Article-Gains Hawkins
41 Delta State College Guidepost to Business Carriers (3)
42 Christmas Cards
Christmas Party Invitation to Gladys Castle
Christmas Card to Mrs. Denman
Christmas Card to Ewings
Christmas Card to the Ewings
Christmas Card from Lucy Somerville Howorth
DSU Christmas Card to President & Mrs. Kent Wyatt
U of SM Christmas Card to President & Mrs. Aubrey K. Lucas
43 Publicity Guide for Bolivar Commercial
44 Photograph Descriptions for Pictorial History of Delta State
45 3 men: 2 in graduation garb, 1 receiving a diploma
In the Elementary Demonstration School, Delta State Teachers College
Students leaving from front of Broom Memorial Administration Building
In the Elementary Demonstration School, Delta State Teachers College
Barbeque, Delta Council Day
Photo for identification by Mrs. Castle, 4 ladies & 1 man
Administration Building @ Delta State Teachers College
Sara Margaret Harrell, Cleveland, Mississippi
Delta State Teachers by Gladys Castle, Minnie White, ?, Dr. Watters
Delta State Cook by Gladys Castle
Photo of a ceremony entitled “flag”
“Flag” Ceremony, another man speaking by wrapped up flag
Onlookers at the flag ceremony
4 men and 1 woman present at the flag ceremony
Various Onlookers at the flag ceremony, Bond at the flag ceremony
2 men burying the flag along with on looking children
View of onlookers & speakers at the flag ceremony
2 men putting the flag into the ground, children with watermelon
2 men with wrapped flag and on looking children
46 Pictorial History of Delta State research & contributions (various dates)
Note to Gladys
Article-Student Results Used For Article
Unwritten Header
Article-Delta State’s Assembly Problem
Castle, Gladys C. Papers #M256
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Box / Folder
4 / 46 Chart of Administrative and Supervisory Organization of DSTC-1951 (black
sheet & bigger white sheet)
Written History of Delta State should…
“My Days at Delta State University” by Lucille Curtis Mabus
Written Document
Letter to Gladys from Margaret
“Peer Pressure” Written Document
“Cupid on Campus” written document
Written Note by Margaret Miller-2/20/90
Correspondence to Gladys Castle from William D. McCain
Laws of the State of Mississippi
Typed Note
Letter to Gladys
Letter to Gladys from Dan
“Choosing Names”
Letter to Gladys from Mollie
Written Document
Letter to Miss Gladys from Clint (Nov. 20, 1990)
A Story Never Told Document
Excerpt out of a book (printed)
Mr. Norman Burke Document
Maxine Boggan House Holcombe Document (May 5, 1975)
Mrs. Bennie V. Roberts Document
Melbourne Miller Document
Dr. Guss Orr Document (May 1, 1975)
Dr. Charles Sherrod Partin Document (May 1, 1975)
Mr. Roy Lee Wiley Document (May 1, 1975)
Miss Arlene McCormick Document (May 1, 1975)
Mississippi Delta Stats 1926-27
Correspondence to Gladys Castle from Elbert R. Hilliard
Letter to Gladys from Mollie
Document written by Mary Elizabeth Bedwell
Castle, Gladys C. Papers #M256
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