about volunteering with eastern health

Our organisation and communities benefit from a range of vibrant partnership, volunteer, community
engagement and fundraising activities, which enhance the sustainability of our organisation and
relevance of our services, as well as providing opportunities for people to support their local hospitals
and healthcare services. Importantly, our volunteers provide valuable support to our staff and
patients, helping to improve the safety, health and wellbeing of people in Melbourne’s eastern, outereastern and Yarra Ranges communities.
Eastern Health is supported by approximately 600 volunteers, who perform a range of operational
and support roles, volunteer services/assignments. In 2008-09, volunteers contributed approximately
65,000 volunteer hours to the organisation.
Our volunteer transport drivers enabled us to provide transport for 2165 patients covering almost
39,000 kilometres of travel.
The auxiliary kiosks at Box Hill Hospital open from 8am-8pm and Maroondah Hospital 9.30am-8pm
and are supported by 230 volunteers working 3 shifts per day, 7 days per week. All profits are
donated back to the hospitals for the purchase of medical equipment.
Eastern Health supports many and varied volunteer programs. Would you like to contribute your
valuable support, meet new people, be involved, gain experience and put something back into the
For current vacancies please contact Helen Stagg, Volunteer Coordinator, at
[email protected]
Some of the volunteer services operating at Box Hill Hospital
Flower carer
Play therapy
Clerical support
Preschool tour guides
Cancer support group
Auxiliary stall support
Walking group
Birralee (maternity services) kiosk
Medical library support
Patient visitors
Craft club support
Kiosk assistant
Craft stall support
Patient library trolley
Historical archiving
Pet therapy
Kiosk trolley
Raffle desk support
Sausage sizzle support
Transport coordinator
Transport driver
Emergency department support
From http://www.easternhealth.org.au/volunteering/
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