Measuring Rooms Preparation

Instructions for Measuring Dog/Livestock Rooms
1. Make sure the room is fully finished including coving, epoxy flooring, sinks,
spigots, drains, facility automatic watering (if applicable), etc.
2. Check for any obvious obstructions such as columns, drains, trenches,
sinks, spigots, facility automatic watering, and other misc. items that
protruded from the walls, ceiling, or floor.
3. Make a sketch (as large as possible) of the room that includes all of the
observed obstructions.
4. Measure the room noting measurements just about the floor, about the
middle of the wall, and one up high. This will establish how plumb the
room is. Make sure to include measurements to obstructions and
especially locations height wise of items that could interfere with runs. If it
is possible, a corner-to-corner diagonal measurement is also helpful
especially in the case of a small room where we might run into space
5. Make sure to measure trench locations, widths, depths, and distance from
wall (where applicable). Also measure for floor slope. Using a 2' level,
place one end of the level at the joint of the wall and floor and move the
other end until the bubble is centered and showing level. Use a tape
measure to measure between the second end and the floor surface. Do
this in several places along all the walls so that if there is an excessive
slope it can be accounted for with longer or shorter leveling legs or other
adjustments. Simply reverse this process if the floor slopes from a high
spot (such as a drain) to the wall.
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