Music journals in the Library

Music journals in the Library
This is a selective list of music journals available in the Library. Use the Library Catalogue to check for journal titles
not listed here. This list includes journals available either in print form only or available in print and electronic from.
Print copies of these journals are kept at the shelfmark given in the list – mostly in the South Gallery on the Second
Floor of the Headington Library.
E-journals on music are listed at; you may check what dates are
available and access these journals via this page. For information about how to find music journal articles see the
library guide Finding music journals and journal articles available from the library web pages at
19th century music
Other title: Nineteenth century music
Headington J 780.9034/N (Vols.13-16, Spring 1989-Summer 1993; Vol.17, no. 2-, Fall 1993-)
E-journal (all years)
Ad Parnassum : a journal of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century instrumental music
Headington J 780.9033/A (No.1-8, 2003-2006)
Cambridge opera journal
Headington J 782.1/C (Vol.1, no.1- , 1989-)
E-journal (all years)
Computer music : a complete guide for Mac and PC
Headington J 789.9/C (No.45-, 2002- (5 years). Notes:- Accompanying CD-Roms shelved with Journal
E-journal (all years)
Early music
Headington J 780.9/E (Vol.16- ,1988-)
E-journal (all years)
The Gramophone
Headington J 780/G (Vol.42-vol.53, no.626, June 1964-July 1975; Vol.53, no.632-vol.57, no.691, Jan.1976Dec.1980; Vol.58- , 1981-. Notes:- Holdings older than 10 years shelved in Sstack)
Journal of musicology
Headington J 780.01/J (Vol.13, no.1- , 1995-)
E-journal (all years)
Journal of new music research
Headington J 780.904/J (Vols.27-31, 1998-2002)
E-journal (most years)
Journal of the American Musicological Society
Headington J 780.01/J (Vol.49, no.1- , 1996-)
E-journal (all years)
Journal of the Royal Musical Association
Formerly: Proceedings of the Royal Musical Assocaiation
Headington J 780/J (Vol.112, pt.1- , 1987-)
E-journal (all years)
Leonardo music journal
Other title: LMJ : journal of the International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology
Headington J 780.904/L (Vol.8-, 1998-. CD-ROM disks shelved with journal)
E-journal (older years only)
Music analysis
Headington J 780.15/M (Vol.14 - 24, 1995-2005)
E-journal (older years only)
Music & letters
Headington J 780/M (Vol.67, no.4; Vol.69, no.1; Vol.70, no.2, 4; Vol.72, no.1- , 1991-)
E-journal (all years)
The Music review
Headington J 780/M (Vol.46- Vol.55, 1985-1994)
Musical quarterly
Headington J 780/M (Vol.68-, 1982-)
E-journal (all years)
The Musical times
Headington J 780/M (Vol.109-, 1968-2006)
E-journal (all years)
Musical world
Headington J 780.9034/M (Vols.1-12, March 1836-Dec.1839 incl.indexes to vols.9-12. Microfilm)
Nineteenth century music See: 19th century music
Headington J 782.1/O (1978-March 1994; 1995-)
Organised sound
Headington J 789.9/O (Vol.1, no.1- , 1996-)
E-journal (all years)
Performance practice review
Headington J 781.63/P (Vol.8, no.1- Vol.10, no.2, 1995-97)
E-journal (all years)
Perspectives of new music
Headington J 780.904/P (Vol.33, nos.1 & 2- , 1995-)
E-journal (older years only)
Popular music
Headington J 780.42/P (Vols.9-11, 1990-1992; Vol.12, nos.1 and 3, 1993; Vol.13, no.1- , 1994-)
E-journal (all years)
Popular music and society
Headington J 781.64/P (Vol.22, no.1-, 1998-2006)
E-journal (most years)
Psychology of music
Harcourt Hill J 781.15/P (Vols.1-28, 1973-2000); Headington J 781.15/P (Vols.10-23, 1982-95)
E-journal (recent years)
Sound on sound
Wheatley J 789.9/S Vol.17, no.1-, 2001Tempo
Headington J 780/T (No.140-, 1982-)
E-journal (all years)
The Wire
Headington J 789.9/W (1994-)
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