EL_factsheet_Mt_Ninderry_Reserve Aug13

Environment Levy Acquisition Program
Mount Ninderry Environmental Reserve
Waterfall Road, Ninderry
Size: 60 hectares
August 2013
The property is situated
on the western side of
Mount Ninderry with
existing road access via
Mountain View Court.
Key Values
The acquisition of this property:
consolidates the Mount Ninderry Bushland Conservation Reserve and expands it by
more than 150 hectares
forms part of the region’s third largest core habitat area (which includes the National
Estate’s Noosa-Maroochy Wallum Corridor)
protects outstanding environmental values including waterways and threatened species
has both indigenous cultural heritage and local community significance (Mt Ninderry is
a well-known Sunshine Coast landscape feature).
provides long term protection of the site’s plants and animals
offers potential recreational activities such as bush walking and ecotourism initiatives.
The property is mapped as connecting habitat in council’s
Sunshine Coast Biodiversity Strategy 2010-20. It forms part of
the region’s third largest Core Habitat Area which includes the
National Estate’s Noosa-Maroochy Wallum Corridor. The site has
been identified by the State as koala bushland habitat.
The site contains rainforest and eucalypt vegetation that is
considered to be both threatened and poorly conserved on the
Sunshine Coast.
Flora and fauna
Rocky outcrop and eucalypt vegetation
It is likely the property has important plant and animal species
which are listed under State (Nature Conservation Act 1992) and
Commonwealth (Environment Protection and Biodiversity
Conservation Act) legislation. These include:
 endangered small-medium shrub (Triunia robusta)
 endangered small flowering plant (Plectranthus torrenticola)
 vulnerable small compact shrub (Macadamia ternifolia)
 vulnerable Tusked Frog (Adelotus brevis)
Tusked frog - vulnerable
 near threatened Elf Skink (Eroticoscincus graciliodes).
Conservation estate
The acquisition of this property achieves a strategic outcome for
biodiversity on the Sunshine Coast. It increases the region’s
conservation estate through consolidation of:
 Mount Ninderry Bushland Conservation Reserve
 expanding it by more than150 hectares
 preserving the natural values of the area.
The endangered Triunia robusta