Poison Prevention Tips (Extract from `Prevention of Childhood


Poison Prevention Tips

(Extract from ‘Prevention of Childhood Poisoning’ Leaflet Produced by the Drug and Toxicology Information

Service, Zimbabwe)

Keep all medicines, personal care and household products where children cannot see them or reach them.

Keep medicines and all chemicals in their original, labelled, child-resistant containers.

Follow label instructions and warnings when giving medicines to children or when using chemicals.

NEVER call medicines by any other names, e.g. sweets or drink – make sure children know that medicine is medicine.

Do not take medicines in front of children because children imitate adults.

Store poisonous products away from food or drink to avoid confusion, and above the reach of children.

Try to know plants, insects and animals which may lead to poisoning or a toxic exposure.

Keep all plant bulbs and seeds where children cannot reach them.

Supervise children and never leave a child alone with a poisonous product.

Teach small children to ask an adult first before putting anything in their mouths.

Teach small children not to play around with creatures they find in the house or outside.

Do not allow children to continue playing alone outside after dark to prevent bites and stings.