Application for Registration of Manufacturing of Specially

Application for Registration of Manufacturing of Specially-Controlled Cosmetics
Documentation Required
1. 5 copies of Registration of Specially-Controlled Cosmetics application form
(SorOrPhor. 3) and attachments
2. 1 sample of cosmetic to be registered
3. 1 original copy of master formula attached to application form (4 copies)
specifying details as followed
- Information of all ingredients in detail and signed by company’s
committee member, quantity and purpose of use of each ingredient
in the formula
- Information of Colour Index (Cl.No.) and quantity
2. Quantitative analysis of the active ingredients and ingredients listed in the
special controlled list
3. Manufacturing process
4. Storage procedures and conditions
5. Copy of SorOrPhor. 2 endorsed by an official and copy of Notification of
Manufacturing Sample of Specially-Controlled Cosmetics
6. Photos of labels, containers and Thai labels
7. Rough location map and nearby structures (only for the first time submission)
8. Plan drawn to scale of the structures within the premises for the
manufacturing and storage (only for the first time submission)
9. Plan of drainage (only for the first time submission)
10. Copy of Factory Licence or copy of Operating business that might harm
health (only for the first time submission)
11. List of equipment and device used in manufacturing the cosmetics
12. 1 copy of letter of authorization with the following attachments
- Commercial Registration or Certification Document of the company
- Copy of the authorizer’s ID card
- Copy of the authorizee’s ID card
13. Document of annual fee payment
Copy of order to pay annual fee
- Copy of receipt of paid annual fee
- Application form for paying annual fee (in case of the first time