Regulate Waste Disposal and Scavenging




The Council of the of in the Province of Saskatchewan, under the provision of Section 108 of The Northern Municipalities Act , enacts as follows:

1. Solid waste in the of shall be removed to the municipal disposal ground by:

(a) an employee of the Council; or

(b) a person who has contracted with Council for that purpose.


Garbage being accumulated and stored for the purpose of being collected and taken to waste disposal ground shall be kept in covered, fly-proof and water-tight containers of not over 17 gallons by volume. Containers for reception of garbage shall be securely fastened on stand or hanger in a manner that will preclude it from being ravaged by animals and be kept in a convenient place for removal by authorized person.

3. No person shall be permitted to burn garbage or any solid waste material within northern municipality limits.

4. Council may fix a schedule of fees for providing a scavenging service.

5. No person who is not a resident of the of shall deposit any matter or thing in the municipal waste disposal ground.

6. No person shall place any matter or thing in the municipal disposal grounds except in clearly designated areas.

7. A person who contravenes any provision of this bylaw is guilty of an offence and liable on summary conviction to the penalties provided in the general penalty bylaw of the northern municipality.

8. This bylaw shall come into force and take effect upon approval by the Minister of

Municipal Affairs.

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