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ABCDE Bundle Huddle Script
Huddles are a great way to get out information to a large number of people. Huddles are designed to be
informational and educational in nature, lasting just a few minutes. One effective huddle format is to
gather staff of the oncoming shift prior to receiving report and assuming new assignments – and before
they are too busy to leave the patient care area.
As you know, I just returned from AACN’s NTI conference in Orlando. I learned some great new
information about the ABCDE Bundle. I’d like to share this information with you because I think
it’s something that could help our patients.
The ABCDE bundle is a group of evidence-based practices that help prevent some of the
unintended consequences we see with our critically ill patients. It is a collaborative care model
that involves respiratory therapists, physical therapists, pharmacists, physicians and nurses.
There are three components to the ABCDE Bundle.
ABC – Awakening and Breathing Trial Coordination – Oversedation and undersedation can
lead to prolonged ventilator times for our patients. This “ABC” bundle component addresses
daily Spontaneous Awakening Trials (sedation vacation) and Spontaneous Breathing Trials to
promote earlier extubation.
D – Delirium Assessment and Management – All of our patients are susceptible to developing
delirium. Unfortunately, delirium often goes undetected and untreated in scores of patients,
potentially leading to a host of negative long-term consequences. This “D” bundle component
addresses early identification and management of patients with delirium.
E – Early Exercise and Progressive Mobility – All patients with prolonged bedrest or immobility
are prone to developing muscle weakness and atrophy, which can lead to a longer hospital stay
and long-term muscle dysfunction. This “E” bundle component provides guidance for enabling
patients to become progressively more active and, possibly, walk while intubated.
Implementation of any one component of the ABCDE bundle will improve the outcomes for our
patients. Specifically, benefits of the bundle include:
Decreased mortality
Decreased ventilator time
Decreased length of stay
Decreased delirium and long-term cognitive impairment
Decreased prolonged muscle weakness
What We Can Do:
We should consider forming a team to oversee implementation of the ABCDE Bundle in our unit.