Sample preparation for Q

Q-TOF Sample Requirements:
Sample can be submitted as gel band or solution.
For gel band, the minimum amount of protein is 50 fmol. The gel should be stained
either by Coomassie blue or fluorescence dyes, such as SYPRO Ruby. Excised spots or bands
from fixed gel should be kept in drops of HPLC grade or Millipore® water and stored at 4C. In
the whole process, to prevent contaminations from dust or keratin, work under clean conditions.
For solution, the minimum amount of individual protein is 25 fmol. Surfactants and
detergents, such as SDS, NP-40, Triton X-100, Tween 20, CHAPS and OG, should be removed
from your samples, since they can damage the HPLC column. If you use urea, the concentration
should be less than 2 M. Please store your sample in solution at 4C with the pH ~ 8.0. If you
have questions about the compositions of your sample solution, please contact Dr. Tong Liu by
email ( or phone (973-972-5340) before sending us your samples.