Seminole County Sheriff`s Office - Central Florida Crime Prevention

“Sharing Resources to Promote
Crime Prevention Throughout
Central Florida”
Central Florida Crime Prevention Association
Table Of Contents
Aggressive Driving
Alarm Systems; False Alarm Reduction
Auto Theft Prevention
Bank Security/ Robbery Survival
Bicycle Safety
Business Security
Children Safety; Child Abuse
Date Rape; Self Awareness
Disaster Planning
Domestic Violence
Elder / Senior Issues
Home Security
Identify Theft
Internet Safety
Neighborhood Watch
Pedestrian Safety
Personal Awareness
School Safety
Sexual Assault Prevention
Suspicious Activity
Travel Tips
Traveling Criminals
Vehicle Safety
Additional Reference Links
Citizens Neighborhood Watch- Orlando, reports a DVD entitled “Road Rage and
Aggressive Driving- A View from the Drivers Seat”. It is 20 minutes long and costs
$100.00. It is a very good video and puts you right in the driver’s seat and in the middle
of the action.
To obtain more information, call 1-800 367 2467 or go to the website at
Orange County Sheriff’s Office- has a brochure entitled “Slow It Down- Turn It Down”
a colorful brochure about noise and speeding. Copies of this handout are available from or any member of the Orange County SO Crime Prevention
Unit at 407.254.7100.
Seminole County Sheriff’s Office, the SCSO has a PowerPoint presentation about
Aggressive Driving. A copy of the PowerPoint is available by contacting the Crime
Prevention Unit at
The SO also has a visual effect display, a crashed vehicle on a trailer that can be towed
to an event. For the trailer display, contact Lt Pete Kelting at 407.665.6938
Home, Business and Auto
Orange County Sheriff’s Office
Provides information on alarms to help guide the homeowner/business owner in their
search for the appropriate alarm for their needs. This is not a specific program, but
informational only. Alarm information is also part of our Neighborhood Watch
presentation. We provide information on business security such as burglary prevention
tips and robbery information. Auto burglary/theft tips are included in Neighborhood
Watch and several other prevention programs.
Contact any member of the Orange County SO Crime Prevention Unit 407 254 7100.
Orlando Police Department
Offers a program to reduce False Alarms. For information, contact Lisa Strano at
Orange County Sheriff’s Office
Provides the following programs upon request:
Children’s Safety Village presents- Video-Drugs-How do they affect the body
Video- Alcohol- The most dangerous drug on earth
Video- MTV- Talks Tobacco
Video- Keeping Your Kids Tobacco, Alcohol & Drug Free
Lectures to children- Elementary age
Contact any member of the Orange County SO Crime Prevention Unit 407 254 7100.
Seminole County Sheriff’s Office
A Drug and Alcohol Abuse in the Workplace presentation is offered to local businesses.
This one-hour presentation offers tips on how to recognize a co-worker with this
problem and ways to address the problem.
For a copy, email
Kissimmee Police Department offers its residents a flier that can be folded to look like
a card, with the Kissimmee PD badge on the front. When opened, it offers tips on Auto
Theft Prevention. They put these on vehicles in parking lots and areas where vehicle
thefts have been a problem. For more information, contact the KPD at 407 847 0176
Seminole County SO brought a static display with signs offering tips on how to prevent
your vehicle from being stolen.
They also brought a display of items a car thief will use to enter a secured vehicle. This
is easy to make with a piece of wood, angle iron and tools used by thieves.
They also offer the Combat Auto Theft (CAT) program, especially for seniors.
They produce handouts entitled “Is Your Vehicle a Crime Waiting to Happen?” that list
ways to prevent your vehicle from being stolen.
For more information contact the SCSO Crime Prevention Unit at 407 665 6977 or go to
the website at and click on “Community Services / Crime
Prevention” in the left menu.
Orange County Sheriff’s Office
Orange County SO has a flier informing employees of procedures to help prevent
robberies and also what to do if robbed.
For a copy of it, go to the Orange County Sheriff’s office website and click on Brochures
& Fliers.
Contact any member of the Orange County SO Crime Prevention Unit 407 254 7100.
Seminole County Sheriff’s Office
This presentation was prepared by the Crime Prevention Unit of the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office.
This presentation is not intended to alter, supersede or eliminate the Policies and Procedures of any
business to which this presentation is made.
There are few crimes that are more frightening and potentially dangerous than bank robbery. Customers and
employees alike can become victims. Bank employees who think that it could never happen to them are sadly
mistaken. During any given year the odds are one in nine that any given banking facility could be the victim of a
That is why proper training is so important. This is not to make you paranoid, but to educate you so that
dangerous mistakes will not be made. The policy of all police agencies in this area is to get the robber out of the
bank. We do not want any heroes and certainly do not want you putting yourself or your co-workers in harm’s
As we go through this list of suggestions remember they are only that. At the time of the armed robbery you
must make the decision on how to handle yourself and do only what you feel safe in doing.
If you are knowledgeable of your bank’s equipment and policies and are sure of how they work, you will be
able to set off the proper signals at the appropriate time.
These suggestions are not intended to alter or take the place of your bank’s policies and procedures
regarding robberies.
Three Objectives of Robbery Training
Prevent injury or death to customers, employees and law enforcement
Allow Exit of the robber(s) as quickly as possible without causing panic.
Assist law enforcement in identification of the robbers
Pre-Planning of Robbery Procedures
Employee Responsibilities
Each branch should have a robbery kit and employees should know its purpose and location. After a robbery,
every employee should have a job (call police, lock doors, check for injured persons, protect exposed money,
protect crime scene, pass out suspect ID cards)
Employees should know company procedures, i.e. Opening & closing, robbery notification, etc.
Keep your plan confidential
Height markers should be clearly marked on all exits and employees should know their purpose.
Employees should know the importance of controlling access of employees, customers and maintenance service
personnel. Know who are the customers, the strangers, i.e. who is allowed in what area of the bank. This makes
everyone accountable to each other.
All robbery devices such as cameras, tapes should be checked to see if in good working condition. Lens should
be wiped, camera aligned, equipment maintained, bait money and or dye pack in place, etc.
Make sure cash drawer limits are adhered to.
Make sure large sums of money are verified out of view of lobby.
All employees and security personnel should receive training.
Know when & how to use alarms
Employees should be alert for suspicious people:
Who appear to be observing teller counters
Looking for location of security equipment
Looking for exits
Asking questions about opening & closing times
Individuals who leave a teller line and return when someone gets behind him
Persons dressed in odd fashion long coats or rain coats especially when it’s not cold or raining
Persons wearing sunglasses inside and looking down
Persons carrying folded newspaper or paper bag
If observe a person loitering in or around your bldg:
Notify security, branch mgr, head teller
Contact law enforcement
Know your branches opening and closing policy
Know where and how to use alarms
Know use of surveillance camera.
If policy allows take picture of suspicious persons. If not, write description down and hold for future use.
(Remember, in planning the attack, the robber has probably assumed that the robbery can be completed w/o either
confrontation or apprehension by the police. It is believed that most robbers anticipate up to 4 minutes before L. E.
arrive. Very few are professional: Beware of the amateur, he is usually more nervous than the victim.)
Opening & Closing Procedures- consists of external and internal inspection by the first person to arrive to
see that no irregularities exist. If 2 people arrive at the same time, one person should remain in their vehicle
until the all-clear signal is presented by the person inside the bldg.
Establish 2 types of signals:
Visual- Allows employees who arrive after first employee to know that all is all right in bldg.
Verbal-Allows an employee to call & verify that all is OK if first employee forgets to put visual signal up.
All windows and doors should be inspected from outside for evidence of tampering before entry is made.
If evidence is found, entry should not be made. Go to nearest phone while keeping bldg in sight (if possible) and call
L. E.
After outside inspection is completed and all systems appear to be in order, then entry is made. Make sure entry door
is locked immediately upon entry.
After interior of bldg is searched and nothing unusual found, then all clear signal can be displayed. (Change signals
Employees should know and look for these signals prior to entering the bldg.
If signal is not displayed, employees should go to nearest safe phone & call office. (This is where the verbal code is
used. If employee inside does not give the code or doesn’t answer the phone, call L. E.)
Upon calling police give following info:
Your name
Bank’s name & address
Why you are calling
Where you are calling from & request deputy meets you at that location
Do not approach or unlock the door to suspicious or unknown persons during non-business hours.
Closing Procedures
All doors locked at end of regular bus. Hours. They should not be opened to anyone not having authority to be within
the bldg at that time.
All areas of office will be searched for persons hiding within the facility, customer’s property left behind, unsecured
office property.
Before leaving look for suspicious persons or activity outside which might hamper your safe exit.
Avoid actions that might cause danger to self or others
Try to remain calm.
Avoid quick unnatural movements.
Consider all weapons loaded and dangerous.
Consider the subject armed even though a weapon is not displayed.
Obedience to suspect instructions
Pay attention to what they say, how they say it, start making a mental note of their description.
Don’t answer phone unless he tells you to.
Be careful in what you say… don’t provoke the robber.
Give only the amount of currency demanded.
If given a note, let it drop on counter, avoid touching it
Be aware of where they touch; counter, side box
Activating the Alarm
Ensure bait money and or dye pack is included if this can be done safely.
Activate robbery alarm system and surveillance if it can be done safely.
Contact police & confirm holdup if possible.
Advise whether suspects are still on premises or not.
Law enforcement will not enter premises unless advised that suspects have fled scene.
Stay on the line with L. E. until they release you
Never contact law enforcement by phone if you will put yourself or others in danger!
Make a mental note of the robber’s physical characteristics:
 Speech
 Scars, Marks, Tattoos
 Left or right handed
 Clothing
Other observations:
Additional Suspects
Type & Description of weapon
Method & Route of Escape
Vehicle & Tag Description
Avoid handling-Drop on counter
If unable to retain note, recall contents, language peculiarities, written or printed.
Implement pre-planned employee assignments:
Contact Law Enforcement
Lock doors & attempt to keep customers until L. E. arrives
Check for injuries and notify medical services
Protect crime scene, i.e. money, notes, etc.
Do not permit witnesses to discuss their observations-discussion may change your memory
Pass out & complete suspect identification cards
Do not disclose amount of money taken to media
For more information on this program contact the Crime Prevention Unit at
Orange County Sheriff’s Office
Provides the following:
Children’s Safety Village presents Conduct bike Rodeos,
Have 4 Elementary and 2 Middle School-Fully Equipped bicycle trailers to conduct
Bicycle rodeos in the school
Have a curriculum for elementary and middle school
Utilize Jell-O brains, posters, synthetic material of brains with and without hematoma
(blood clot)
Lectures for all ages
Utilize the Risk Watch Curriculum
Helmets for sale at discounted price
Helmet fitting (hands on with written instructions)
Video-have many video’s available
Contact any member of the Orange County SO Crime Prevention Unit 407 254 7100.
Seminole County Sheriff’s Office
Helmet Fit Clinics (requires participants to bring a bike helmet)
Participants are instructed in the importance of helmet use, the consequences of not
wearing a helmet and helmet misuse, i.e. brain injuries and proper helmet fit. A hands
on fitting session is conducted where participants practice fitting a helmet properly.
For more information on this program contact the Crime Prevention Unit at
JB Crawford Security Consultant
Mr. Crawford is available, gratis, to assist a law enforcement member to address
questions regarding this topic.
Please visit
Orange County Sheriff’s Office
Provides business security surveys, robbery information, shoplifting information and
other types of training specific to a particular business’ needs.
Contact any member of the Orange County SO Crime Prevention Unit 407 254 7100.
Seminole County Sheriff’s Office
Several in-service seminars are available to Seminole County businesses and their
employees, including “Crime Prevention in the Workplace”, “Shoplifting”; and “Robbery
Prevention” (Banks, convenience stores, etc.). Security Assessments are also available.
For more information on this program contact the Crime Prevention Unit at
Child Restraints- Car Seats
Orange County Sheriff’s Office
The Occupant Protection Unit has programs tailored to educate community members of
every age on the importance of riding safely in a vehicle.
Preschool/Kindergarten - BUCKLEBEAR Puppet show and video Elementary - Video
and program Middle and High School - Classroom presentations and Ghost Out
Parents Groups/Civic Groups/Safety Fairs - Correct car seat selection and installation;
safety belts, air bags and other vehicle safety information
Car safety seat checks are held numerous times each month at various locations where
certified technicians check the correct installation.
Four-day certification classes are held in our county several times annually to train
those interested in becoming nationally certified to check child safety seats.
Appropriate handouts and printed information distributed at every program.
Children’s Safety Village presents
Conduct 32 hr technician certification course-power point presentation
Conduct 3-hr educational seat class-Free
Offer child safety seats at a discounted price
Conduct weekly/monthly car seat checkpoints
Utilize out mobile car seat van every other month (we share it with Seminole County
and have access to it every other month)
Have dial-a-belts to demonstrate how to properly buckling up and various seat belt
systems, various child safety seats,
Videos-various videos available
Buckle Bear –lap puppet with audiocassette tape
Contact any member of the Orange County SO Crime Prevention Unit 407 254 7100.
Seminole County Sheriff’s Office
The following child safety presentations are available to the community:
Street Smart Kids (Abduction prevention program for Pre-K through middle school);
Poison Safety (Pre-School only);
“We Love You, Buckle Up” (use of BuckleBear puppet for Pre-K & Kindergarten);
Winners Don’t Use (Drug Prevention Assembly for Elementary Grades);
Bicycle Safety (elementary grades);
My Body, My Own (Sexual Abuse Prevention for Pre-K & K);
Gun Safety (Pre-K through Elementary Grades);
911 (Preschool through Elementary Grades);
On My Own and Ok (Latchkey program for elementary grades)
Pedestrian Safety (Pre-K through Elementary Grades)
Each child safety program has an accompanying parent program as well.
Child Fingerprinting
The SCSO offers this free service at community events or it may be scheduled by
appointment through the Community Services Section/ Crime Prevention unit of the
Sheriff’s Office. The child is fingerprinted and the print card is given to the parents for
their records. The card has a place for a photo and for physical description.
Car Seat Checks By Appointment Only
Caregivers may request to have their car seat checked for proper installation and use
by a certified Child Passenger Safety Technician by contacting Margaret Levins at (407)
665-6748 for an appointment.
Car Seat Education Class
This two-hour class is held in partnership with the Seminole County SAFE Kids
Coalition and is available only to Seminole County residents. Registrants are taught the
proper use and installation of child restraints. Following the class instruction, Certified
Child Passenger Safety Technicians “talk” registrants through the installation of their car
seat in their own vehicle. The caregiver installs the car seat with the assistance of the
technician. Certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians and Instructors from both
SAFE Kids and the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office and other law enforcement
agencies teach this class. This class is open to all Healthy Start clients; daycare
owners/operators (counts towards in-service hours) and all interested Seminole County
Child Restraint Offenders Program
This three-hour education class is also held in partnership with the Seminole County
SAFE Kids Coalition. The purpose of this class is to provide child safety information to
persons who have received a citation due to improper placement or lack of using a child
restraint device; to provide insight into all phases of crash dynamics and to emphasize
proper seat belt usage and safety. In lieu of payment for fines and points, first time
offenders can elect to take the course in an effort to decrease court costs and times.
Registrants are instructed in the proper restraint of children in a vehicle; and proper use
and installation of child safety restraints. Following the class instruction, Certified Child
Passenger Safety Technicians “talk” registrants through the installation of their car seat
in their own vehicle. The caregiver installs the car seat with the assistance of the
technician. Certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians and Instructors from Seminole
County SAFE Kids Coalition; the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office and other law
enforcement agencies teach this class.
For more information on these programs contact the Crime Prevention Unit at
Seminole County Sheriff’s Office
There is a Women’s Safety Presentation in place that incorporates this topic, including a
JB Crawford Security Consultant
Available, gratis, to assist a law enforcement member to address questions regarding
this topic. Please visit
Orange County Sheriff’s Office
Has a CD available, which has information on terrorism/ disaster planning information.
Contact any member of the Orange County SO Crime Prevention Unit 407 254 7100.
Robert Samson- Marriott Vacation Club International
Business Continuity and how to keep your business up and running before, during, and
after a disaster. There are presentations available as downloads on the CFCPA website
at or by contacting Bob at
Orange County Sheriff’s Office
Available for a public presentation are Power point presentations for diverse groups to
include medical, dental, teachers, and law enforcement etc. Topics include primary
aggressor, power and control, children and domestic violence and other dynamics of
Domestic violence. Also available to perform threat assessment related to domestic
violence as well as stalking related to domestic violence. All presentations include video
and most include handouts.
Contact any member of the Orange County SO Crime Prevention Unit 407 254 7100.
Seminole County Sheriff’s Office
Available through the Victim Services Unit of the Sheriff’s Office at 407.665.6922.
Attorney General’s Office- Senior’s vs Crime: Offer Store Front opportunities for
seniors to report problems and seek assistance.
They also offer programs to large groups of seniors concerning cons and scams.
Dave Blacklock
Senior Sleuths
Seniors vs Crime
Altamonte Springs Police Department
135 West Central Blvd
Altamonte Mall Store Front
Orlando FL 32780
SR 436
407 999 5588
Altamonte Springs FL 32771
Lake County Sheriff’s Office has a lost Alzheimer’s patient tracking system using
metal brackets able to be tracked via helicopter. They also have a Daily Call program.
They also do safety presentations or groups or seniors.
Lake County Sheriff’s Office
360 Ruby Street
Tavares FL 32778
Linda Harville
352 343 9500
Lake Mary Police Department does safety presentations to senior groups and
maintains an At-Risk data base for emergency situations.
Lake Mary Police Department
165 E. Crystal Lake Ave.
Lake Mary FL 32746
Anthony Seda
407 585 1305
Longwood Police Department uses the Daily Call program and maintains a data base
of At Risk citizens for emergency situations. They also do safety presentations or
groups or seniors.
Longwood Police Department
235 W. Church Ave.
Longwood FL 32750
Herb Stewartson
407 260 3410
Ocoee Police Department offers a program entitled Family and Friends, a safety
programs for seniors in nursing facilities. They also do safety presentations or groups or
Ocoee Police Department
175 N. Bluford Ave.
Ocoee FL 34761
Tom Maroney
407 905 3160
Orange County Sheriff’s Office- offer free 911 cell phones to seniors; Have a seniors’
Citizen Police Academy that is 1 day a week for 6 weeks that can be presented to an
organization. Call Laura Lang, 407 254 7375.
Children’s Safety Village presents “Have a Game/display” to show grandparents how to
keep their grandchildren safe when they are watching them.
TRIAD/SALT program. We do personal safety/crime prevention programs for senior
We also provide 9-1-1 cell phones and file of life packets for home and wallet.
In addition, brochures include Identity Theft, C.A.T. enrollment, 2-1-1 community
resources, and elder helping, personal safety etc.
Orange County Sheriff’s Office
2500 W. Colonial Drive
Orlando FL 32804
Joseph Canzoneri
Orange County Consumer Fraud Unit does presentations to senior groups in Orange
County covering topics such as telemarketing, identity theft, charitable giving, and home
repair. Brochures and consumer education materials are available. Contact Orange
County Consumer Fraud at (407) 836-2490
Osceola County Sheriff’s Office has a program entitled Safe Return; a tracking
system for Alzheimer’s using metal bracelets, able to be tracked via helicopter.
Osceola County Sheriff’s Office
400 Simpson Road
Kissimmee FL 34744
Karen Murphy
Oviedo Police Department offers free 911 cell phones to seniors; they also perform
checks on at-risk individuals. They also do safety presentations or groups or seniors.
Oviedo Police Department
400 Alexandria Blvd.
Oviedo FL 32765
Grace Robertson
407 977 6146
Seminole County Sheriff’s Office
The Seminole County Sheriff’s Office is fortunate to have an Elder Services Section that
implements a comprehensive approach to elder issues within our county. The section
addresses prevention standards to all age groups with the following programs available
to address needs and concerns specific to seniors or at risk residents; Elder Abuse
Awareness, Emergency Information Programs, Triad involvement and program
awareness, Understanding Crime and the Elderly. These programs are available
through the Elder Services Officer of the Sheriff’s Office.
Elder Intervention Team
The Sheriff’s Office has developed an Elder Intervention Response Team. This group
consists of Deputies and Police Officers that have been trained in Crimes Against the
Elderly and the comprehensive issues required resolving them. Ultimately in it’s early
stages the Elder Intervention Team members respond to calls that are specific to at risk
or victimized elders to insure that the resident receives a vulnerable adult specific
response to the situation. The EIT program allows for Prevention, Intervention, and
Enhanced Response to Elder/Vulnerable Adults situations that arise on a daily basis
within Seminole County.
Triad/SALT Seniors and Law Enforcement Together
Seminole County Sheriff’s Office introduced and implemented the Seminole County
Triad in 1993 and continues to participate in the organization. The Sheriff and seven
Municipal Police Chief’s along with the State Attorney, Seniors, and Senior Service
Providers work together to insure that the safety of seniors and the services provided by
emergency responders within our community are specific to the needs of the aging and
disabled residents. This program develops multi-jurisdictional consistency in the area of
aging issues allowing a more effective implementation of countywide programs
including emergency information programs, elder abuse awareness, and elder response
initiatives. Seminole County Sheriff’s Office is active in Triad at the local, State, and
National levels.
Seminole County Sheriff’s Office
100 Bush Blvd.
Sanford FL 32773
Dotti Burkett
Orange County Sheriff’s Office
Firearm presentations made as it relates to forensic science as part of the tour of the
forensic facility to include the new water recovery tank.
Children’s Safety Village presents Risk Watch Curriculum
Lecture presentation provided to school age children
Contact any member of the Orange County SO Crime Prevention Unit 407 254 7100.
Scams and Cons Telephone / Telemarketing Scams
Dave Blacklock- SR VS CRIME
Seniors vs. Crime Storefront Operations: Storefronts are offices, staffed by senior
volunteers that exist solely to assist senior citizens who may have been the victim of
high pressure sales tactics, unethical business practices, scams or frauds.
Seniors vs. Crime Mentor Program: Seniors come to Storefronts AFTER they have
been victimized. The mentoring program seeks to provide direct help to seniors
BEFORE they become victims. Seniors who are deemed to be susceptible to highpressure sales tactics or other unethical conduct are encouraged to use our mentoring
Orange County Consumer Fraud Unit
Speakers are available to give presentations to groups in Orange County concerning a
variety of topics. Groups may request a general presentation or ask for specific topics.
Topics include: appliance repair, auto sales, auto repair, business opportunities, home
solicitation sales, home repair, work at home offers, prize offers, false advertising,
household moving, EBay auction fraud, merchandise sales, pet lemon law,
telemarketing, vehicle towing, identity theft, etc… Brochures and consumer education
materials are available. Contact Orange County Consumer Fraud at (407) 836-2490
Orange County Sheriff’s Office
Brochures on scams; in addition, our senior section has programs on scams.
Contact any member of the Orange County SO Crime Prevention Unit 407 254 7100.
Seminole County Sheriff’s Office
Available is a program called “Scams & Cons” using clever props and real life material
to show audience the type of scams and con jobs that are being perpetrated on the
public. Handout material is available.
For additional information contact them at
Phishing attacks use 'spoofed' e-mails and fraudulent
websites designed to fool recipients into divulging
personal financial data such as credit card numbers,
account usernames and passwords, social security
numbers, etc. This website tracks trends and offers
verification of fraudulent phishing schemes.
CardCops supplies protection services for both
consumers and merchants with regard to credit card
protection. They can validate if any credit card has
been compromised via their database. The site offers
advice for protecting credit card and personal
Federal Do
Not Call
The Federal Trade Commission is
the main body enforcing privacy and
security requirements. This site is
full of resources, current information
and legislative updates.
The main Federal Trade Commission site to
register a telephone number for the do not
call list or to file a complaint.
Orange County Sheriff’s Office
Crime Prevention Practitioners will go to the individual’s home to perform a security
survey, citing the good and bad points of the home. This also includes any specific
concerns that the homeowner may have.
Contact any member of the Orange County SO Crime Prevention Unit 407 254 7100.
Seminole County Sheriff’s Office
Available to the public is a PowerPoint program on Residential Security. We also have
hardware, a sliding glass door and a window and numerous security devices we use
and show the audience. These items help to provide the audience with the actual item
they may need to make their home a Hard Target.
For additional information contact them at
Orange County Consumer Fraud Unit
Speakers are available to groups in Orange County. The presentation will identify how
to avoid becoming a victim, how to protect your personal information and steps to take if
you become a victim. Brochures and consumer education materials are available.
Contact Orange County Consumer Fraud at (407) 836-2490
Orange County Sheriff’s Office
Will provide a presentation on Identity Theft and have brochures dealing with the topic.
Contact any member of the Orange County SO Crime Prevention Unit 407 254 7100.
Seminole County Sheriff’s Office
The SCSO offers a 45-minute presentation on ways to avoid becoming a victim of ID
Theft, what to look for, how to check your Credit Report and avoiding giving out
personal information. Once a victim, there are already programs in place to deal with
the problem.
For additional information contact them at
Nationwide non-profit organization providing
victims resources, listing current laws, providing
scam and consumer alerts and resources for law
Marriott Vacation Club International- Bob Samson
MVCI offers a PowerPoint program that includes a portion on ID Theft. This can be
obtained by contacting Bob or the CFCPA website at
John Blacklock- SR vs Crime
Alert Program: The Project provides “Alerts” through our email system to all Senior
Sleuths who are on line. Alerts include current scams, frauds, deceptions, and criminal
activity that are occurring or are anticipated to occur within a certain area. Alerts are
also posted on the Project web site.
Seminole County Sheriff’s Office
“The Internet and Your Child” is a free, hands-on Internet safety program for parents,
teachers, caregivers, and other people who oversee children’s online activities.
Representatives of the Sheriff’s Office employees from our Diversified Investigative
Services Section, Information Services, Child Protective Services, and Crime
Prevention Unit facilitate the seven-hour course. The class will provide caregivers with
vital information on what they can do to minimize the potential of their child falling prey
to not only criminal behavior but also activities not approved by parents or caregivers.
The course covers everything from how computers work to live demonstrations of how
child molesters use the Internet to gain access to child victims online and much more.
Visit for more information on class topics and to register
For additional information contact them at
Center for
CIS was established to help organizations around the
world effectively manage the risks related to
information security. CIS provides methods and tools
to improve, measure, monitor, and compare the
security status of your Internet-connected systems
and appliances.
Tips for
Kidz Privacy
The FTC provides a site with
tips for traveling through
cyberspace. The site gives
great advice for keeping
children safe. There is an
excellent glossary included.
This FTC link provides a child
friendly place to learn about being
safe in cyberspace and protecting
one's self. It has excellent
resources for adults with regard to
protecting children and children's
Checkup for
Center features a no charge service via the
web to scan your computer for vulnerabilities with
respect to a firewall. While the scan is high level, it
does provide a quick check for the obvious
weaknesses found in most high speed connections
to the Internet.
This site is loaded with explanations on protecting
children, software for protecting computer users
and explanations on how computers work.
The Internet Fraud Complaint Center (IFCC) is a
partnership between the Federal Bureau of
Investigation (FBI) and the National White Collar
Crime Center (NW3C).
IFCC's mission is to address fraud committed
over the Internet. For victims of Internet fraud,
IFCC provides a convenient and easy-to-use
reporting mechanism that alerts authorities of a
suspected criminal or civil violation. For law
enforcement and regulatory agencies at all
levels, IFCC offers a central repository for
complaints related to Internet fraud, works to
quantify fraud patterns, and provides timely
statistical data of current fraud trends.
Orange County Sheriff’s Office
Our program includes a power point presentation, which goes over residential security,
operation identification, 9-1-1, aspects of the Neighborhood Watch program, and
Homeland Security. At this presentation a neighborhood will be provided information to
coordinate Block Captains to become an active program.
Contact any member of the Orange County SO Crime Prevention Unit 407 254 7100.
Seminole County Sheriff’s Office
A 45-minute presentation offering Whom, What and Why a Neighborhood Watch is
important and the process for setting up the Watch. Block Captain Training is also a part
of this program.
For additional information contact them at
Orange County Sheriff’s Office
Children’s Safety Village presents Risk Watch Curriculum available to schools-lecture
and activities based
Conduct –Walk to School on October 8th each year with the schools
Provide lecture/hands on presentation on how to cross the street safety
Have various signs-Caution children; look left Right Left, Cross at crosswalks etc. along
with various traffic signs, stop, yield, ped. crossings etc.
Video-various videos available
Contact any member of the Orange County SO Crime Prevention Unit 407 254 7100.
Orange County Sheriff’s Office
Personal Safety includes safety tips for shopping, burglary prevention tips, driving
safely, ATM usage and more. This general program is designed to assist the individual
to become more aware of their surroundings to help prevent them from becoming a
Contact any member of the Orange County SO Crime Prevention Unit 407 254 7100.
Seminole County Sheriff’s Office
A safety awareness program offering tips for the home, work, and play. Actual case
histories are referred to and audience participation is encouraged.
For additional information contact them at
Bryan Tittle, Orange County SO reported they have a new Crime Prevention Mobile
Unit and plan to take it to schools for displays.
Lake County SO has some coloring books about general crime prevention and safety
they give out at school events.
Seminole County SO just developed a Bullying Program that has been presented with
some nice responses.
Members were also advised to contact Central Florida CrimeLine (!-800-423-TIPS) and
obtain some “SPEAK-OUT HOTLINE” stickers to post in schools advising students they
can report incidents anonymously about possible drugs, guns, fights, etc.
Orange County Sheriff’s Office
This program includes personal safety tips as well as general crime prevention
information. The program can be modified depending on the audience.
Contact any member of the Orange County SO Crime Prevention Unit 407 254 7100.
Seminole County Sheriff’s Office
The following are some of the topics covered in this one hour non-physical sexual
assault prevention presentation: Common Myths & Misconceptions Addressed; The
Three Stages Leading Up To a Violent Assault; Profile Of A Rapist; How to Reduce
Your Chances Of Becoming the Next Victim; When The Assailant Is Not A Stranger;
Pros & Cons of Self Defense Tools; Florida Law Regarding Ownership of Self Defense
Tools and Worst Case Scenarios.
For additional information contact them at
Orange County Sheriff’s Office
Many of these concerns are addressed in our personal safety and Neighborhood Watch
programs. Individuals are taught what to look for when identifying a suspicious person
or vehicle.
Contact any member of the Orange County SO Crime Prevention Unit 407 254 7100.
Seminole County Sheriff’s Office
This topic is covered when doing Home Security, Neighborhood watch and Business
and Bank presentations. Handout fliers advise the public what to look for and how to
report suspicious activity
For additional information contact them at
Seminole County Sheriff’s Office
The SCSO offers a short seminar on ways to protect themselves while traveling. Tips
about your vehicle’s condition; avoiding unfamiliar areas and what to do if problems
arise with the vehicle, or personal safety.
For additional information contact them at
Orange County Sheriff’s Office
Our intelligence detectives may be available to provide programs on traveling criminals.
Contact any member of the Orange County SO Crime Prevention Unit 407 254 7100.
Seminole County Sheriff’s Office
The SCSO offers a PowerPoint program explaining the Traveling Criminals and the
methods of operations. He offers photos and descriptions of the most famous
individuals and how they operate and move around.
For additional information contact them at
Burglary; Prevention Theft Prevention- C.A.T. Program Road Rage VIN Etching
Orange County Sheriff’s Office
Many of these concerns are addressed in our personal safety and Neighborhood Watch
However, depending on the type of program more emphasis can be made on a
particular topic.
The C.A.T (Combat Auto Theft) program is offered at all of our Substations.
Children’s Safety Village presents Presentation on Airbag safety, how and why to
buckle up for adults and children.
Contact any member of the Orange County SO Crime Prevention Unit 407 254 7100.
Seminole County Sheriff’s Office
This auto theft prevention program explains ways to prevent you from becoming a victim
of vehicle burglary and auto theft and how to make your vehicle a harder target. The
pros and cons of various vehicle anti-theft devices are also presented.
VIN Etching
All windows of a person’s vehicle are etched with the vehicle identification number.
Good theft deterrent- thieves do not want to replace all the windows of a stolen vehicle.
This activity is done at community events and in conjunction with CAT signups.
Combat Auto Theft program- a statewide recognized auto theft prevention program that
places highly reflective stickers on vehicles and is designed for drivers who do not
normally drive between 1 and 5 am. By displaying these decals, the vehicle owner gives
law enforcement officers permission to conduct an investigative stop of their vehicle
between 1am and 5am to determine if the vehicle has been stolen. Sign up events are
scheduled periodically in the county at senior centers or senior apartment communities.
For additional information contact them at
JB Crawford Security Consultant
Open to assist the association regarding any business physical security requirement,
such as conducting physical security surveys, evaluating current security programs, etc.
Orange County Sheriff’s Office
Guided Tours are available of our forensics lab, which can be incorporated into the
firearm presentation. This can include some hands on fun.
Homeland Security- this is a major focus for the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. This
program includes historical information on terrorism, trends, what to look for and tips
should an event occur. The Sheriff’s office also conducts security surveys for
businesses, which may be possible targets.
The Children’s Safety Village presents
Poison Safety-Have poison display box and provide lecture/hands-on presentation for
elementary age children
Water Safety-Have life vest, hook, and water safety equipment to provide visual
demonstrations for water/boating safety. Provide lecture/hands-on presentation to
elementary age children
Fire Safety –Have phone for children to practice calling 911, mats to stop drop and roll.
Provide lecture/hands-on presentations to elementary age children
Contact any member of the Orange County SO Crime Prevention Unit 407 254 7100.
Seminole County Sheriff’s Office
Boy Scout/Cub Scout Crime Prevention Programs:
Boy Scouts Of America Crime Prevention Merit Badge; Boy scouts are eligible to earn
the crime prevention merit badge after completing a five-week crime prevention
program through the Community Services Section/Crime Prevention Unit of the Sheriff’s
Office, in accordance with the Boy Scouts of America requirements.
Cub Scout/Boy Scout Crime Prevention Award; Both cub scouts and boy scouts are
eligible to receive this crime prevention award patch through the Seminole County
Sheriff’s Office Community Services Section/Crime Prevention Unit. Ask the Crime
Prevention Unit to assist your Scouts in earning the Crime Prevention Award patch. This
two-phased program will teach your scouts about crime prevention and law
National Sheriff’s Association Crime Prevention Patch; Any boy scout who participates
in a crime prevention program with the Sheriff’s Office is eligible to receive this patch.
For additional information contact them at
Additional Reference Links
Security for
Home Users
Security for
Cyber Alert
Office of
and Budget
PC Port
PC Port
One of the world's most
comprehensive collections of
information about junk messages and
how to stop them. It is not intended
for just casual browsing. The site's
mission is to educate Internet users
on how to protect their privacy by
controlling direct marketing activities.
Microsoft's site filled with resources
inform users of security risks and offer
quick links to both Windows and
Office updates.
This section of Microsoft's site
contains simple advice for home
users on how to secure their
computer from the obvious
vulnerabilities found at home on the
A Security Guidance Center for
developers and IT professionals with
in-depth technical guidance, tools,
training and updates to help plan and
manage security strategies. This free
information includes checklists to help
perform security-related checks and
processes, step-by-step instructions
for a broad range of security tasks,
and product- and technology-specific
guidance to help protect platforms,
networks, desktops and data.
A division of Homeland Security,
providing Cyber Alert Security
Bulletins. Both technical and nontechnical information is available.
Comprehensive library of documents
in .PDF regarding computer security,
privacy guidance, reference materials,
Rules and tools for protecting
personal privacy online.
A site providing access to free legal
advice about computer related laws.
You will have to register.
Reference site to determine common
uses of the 65, 535 open ports that
exist on a PC.
Another useful site from Network Ice
that defines commonly used PC ports
and offers further information as to
their purpose and function.
This site is both useful and fearful. It
is a subscription service (between $2
to $20 per month) to gain access to
vast amounts of personal information.
You can search by state and find
information on: criminal records, sex
offenders, voter registrations, civil
court records, DMV-vehicle ID by VIN,
DMV-License Plate, drivers licenses,
professional licenses, FAA-air craft
registrations, and Federal lists of
deaths by SSN. Other information is
also available.
A public forum for privacy issues.
This site has considerable information
for education on privacy, links to
resources and current legislative
Privacy Checkup
Privacy Today
Proposed or
Pending National
Spyware Guide
38 is an excellent resource
for information on protecting personal
privacy. This link will tell you the
information any web site knows about
you when you click on a web page for
the first time. It is very revealing.
This is the home site of a privacy
consulting company. The site lists
headlines with regard to privacy
crimes, legislation and trends. It is a
good source for links to articles
concerning privacy.
Listing by country of all proposed and
pending legislation concerning
information protection and privacy.
Links provided to read content of
each bill.
The SANS (SysAdmin, Audit,
Network, Security) Institute was
established in 1989 as a cooperative
research and education organization.
It is now recognized as the leading
voice in Internet Security issues.
The Federal Trade Commission
has opened a new inbox at Consumers who
receive unsolicited commercial
email messages in violation of
the CAN-SPAM Act should
forward those messages to the
new address.
FAQs on spyware and removal
techniques. You will find the largest
online database listing spyware
programs here. There are over 400
listed. There are other resources for
general protection against identity
Stalking Tips from
ZDnet Library
This is a direct link to advice and
resources for assisting someone who
may believe they are being stalked or
is being stalked.
Web site dedicated to children's
safety online. Offers a lot of
resources for educating children on
the risks of the Internet.
Learn about computer virus myths,
hoaxes, urban legends, hysteria, and
the implications if you believe in them.
You can also search a list of
computer virus hoaxes & virus
A library of white papers covering all
aspects of security and information
protection. Requires registration but
the service is free.