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TMW Media Group releases “Achoo, Stop the Flu” - a new children’s DVD featuring
The Kingston Trio to teach how to avoid illness during flu season, acquire sound
nutritional habits and hygiene and maintain good health throughout the year
VENICE, CA, February 2012 – TMW Media Group, Inc. in association with Rolling River Productions,
Inc. releases a fun-filled new public health awareness program for both home and educational
settings. Voted one of the years “Top 10 DVD’s” by School Library Journal, “Achoo, Stop the Flu”
is an interactive, sing-along DVD for parents, children, day care centers, children’s groups, churches,
hospitals, health organizations and schools offering children lessons and logic on staying healthy
during flu season and establishing intelligent personal and eating habits for good health and wellbeing in all seasons.
Featuring Grammy award winning The Kingston Trio performing brand new songs and in skits and
scenes, the DVD includes easy to learn catchy on-screen lyrics presented karaoke-style, comedy
sketches and appealing dialogue to teach children about staying healthy. It’s a recognized public
health fact that good hygiene and nutrition are the first line of defense in disease prevention. This 30minute program shows children essential elements of that defense such as washing hands, coveringup when sneezing, eating balanced meals (while avoiding sugar) and exercising regularly. The new
(2011) USDA “My Food Plate” is introduced to show the ingredients and benefits of a balanced diet.
Music and comedy hosts Julie and Brownie convey easy to remember health tips to their young
audience for back-up reinforcement by parents and teachers in the service of one simple but profound
lesson: It is all about healthy choices that are easy and even fun to make.
“Achoo, Stop the Flu” also features an extra bonus section containing healthy living resource
information. Additionally the sheet music to the five original songs in the DVD is available on the TMW
Media Group website, Priced for educational use at $64.95. The program is
available for school and institutional use with a teacher’s guide. Please contact
for public performance use and pricing.
About The Kingston Trio - Grammy award winning The Kingston Trio, known throughout the world,
is still America's favorite folk group. For decades the original group and as reconstituted, have
performed great songs as vibrant and resonant today as the first time you heard them. The group
was formed in 1957 and soon shot to the top of the charts with the now famous “Tom Dooley.” Fifty-
four years later the Trio is still entertaining us with memorable music. In this DVD program they
emerge fully engaged and at the top of their game.
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About Julie and Brownie - The Julie and Brownie Show has been delighting audiences live and on
radio and TV since 1991. They are well-known for their “Healthy Choices” program for children and
their educational songs have earned critical acclaim. They have also written two popular children’s
books “The Streamlined Double Decker Bus” and “A Pirates Life for Me”.
About Rolling River Productions - Rolling River Productions, Inc. is owned and operated by gold
record winning songwriter Brownie Macintosh and Manhattan entertainment attorney Frank Taddeo.
Formed to produce and promote children’s educational projects Rolling River created the concept for
“Achoo Stop the Flu” and teamed up with The Kingston Trio and Portsmouth Regional Hospital,
Portsmouth, New Hampshire to produce this DVD as a public service.
About TMW Media Group – Founded in 1989 TMW is a leading creator, producer and distributor of
award-winning consumer, educational and guidance programming providing young people with
knowledge and information for school and life. Our media collection is heralded by educators and
parents for its quality, versatility and compatibility with best practices for teaching and learning.
“Achoo, Stop the Flu” is another in a long line of its distinguished projects.
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