Outcomes for Breadth of Learning

Revised 9-14-07
Outcomes for IU Northwest General Education Principle 2, Breadth of Learning
Mastery of the core concepts, principles, and methods in arts and humanities, the social
sciences, cultural and historical studies, and the mathematical, physical, and life sciences.
Arts and Humanities
● Students will articulate how intellectual traditions from diverse parts of the world have
helped shape present cultures.
● Students will demonstrate an understanding of a broad range of significant literary,
philosophical, historical, linguistic, or religious works and approaches.
● Students will demonstrate an understanding of how the fine, performing or creative arts
contribute to many aspects of human experience.
Cultural and Historical studies
● Students will demonstrate knowledge about diverse cultures and societies.
● Students will analyze cultural patterns in terms of ethnicity, race, social class,
language, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, and disabilities, as well as the ways in
which these categories co-exist.
● Students will analyze the interconnectedness of global and local concerns or
explain how political or historical processes shape civilizations.
Social and Behavioral Sciences
● Students will explain the methods of inquiry used by social or behavioral scientists.
● Students will explain behavior using social or behavioral science theories and concepts.
● Students will explain the factors that influence how different societies organize
themselves or how individual differences influence various spheres of human activity.
Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences
Outcomes for the areas of mathematical, physical and life sciences are omitted here because these
outcomes are listed in Principle 1, Foundations of mathematical and scientific reasoning
A course that would fulfill one of the Breadth of Learning domains must be approved by the
originating curriculum committee and the Campus Curriculum Committee. An appropriate unit
would submit a syllabus for the course, which would include at least two of the above mentioned
outcomes of a certain domain of Breadth of Learning (or all the outcomes of mathematical or
scientific reasoning of Principle 1). In addition, the syllabus would outline course embedded
assessment tools used to measure the appropriate outcomes. The unit would provide a plan for
how the assessment information will be used for improvement in the course and how they will share that
information. It is expected that the units would adjust their existing Breadth of Learning /Distribution
requirements to comply with the campus principle.
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