Gate terminal, a SENER project, wins the Liquefied Natural Gas
Project of the Year
Madrid, January 30, 2012 - The Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) regasification plant Gate Terminal, located
in Maasvlakte (Rotterdam) was named “LNG Project of the Year” by the European Gas Conference
Awards, given by the organization of this international event that has taken place in Vienna from January
24th to 27th, in conjunction with respected publisher Natural Gas Europe. The awards were given during
a gala dinner on January 25th to recognize outstanding achievements in the industry.
According to the judges, Gate terminal “will serve as an independent distribution point for European
energy companies to address the rising demand for and declining production of natural gas in NorthWestern Europe. The terminal will both increase the security of supplies and enable new players to
enter the European gas market.”
Gate terminal is a project carried out by SENER as part as the TS LNG joint venture, in charge of
managing the engineering, procurement, construction and start-up of the plant. TS LNG delivered the
plant to the client as planned, complying successfully with the EPC contract. Since this project began, in
June 2008, until the end of the EPC works, in September 1st 2011, special attention has been paid to
safety, protecting the environment, operational availability and versatility. It is worth mentioning that
this construction phase has been completed with one of the highest levels of safety ever recorded for
works implemented in Rotterdam’s Europort, boasting more than 2,500,000 work hours without
accidents, currently at Low Level A.
As part of the construction joint venture, composed of four companies, SENER has taken part in the
project management, the procurement and the construction works. Also, SENER has been responsible for
managing the plant’s implementation, the commissioning and the start-up, as well as for engineering
activities. The success of this Project has confirmed TS LNG (joint venture between Techint and SENER)
position as a company specializing in EPC contracts in the natural gas sector.
Gate terminal is one of the biggest LNG terminals in Europe. It has an initial throughput capacity of 12
billion m3/year (billion cubic metres) and three 180,000-m3 storage tanks. The terminal has two jetties
able to unload simultaneously two boats of the Q-Max type (the world biggest LNG boats). The high-scale
Gate terminal is in fact able to fulfill the needs of Natural Gas of the whole population in Holland and
part of Europe. The total project cost is estimated at EUR 800 million.
SENER is a private engineering and technology group founded in 1956 in Bilbao, which seeks to offer its clients the most
advanced technological solutions and which enjoys international recognition, thanks to its independence and its commitment to
innovation and quality. SENER has a workforce of more than 5,000 professionals and a turnover of 1,066 million Euros (2010
SENER engages in the specific activities of Engineering and Construction, and also has industrial holdings in companies
involved in Energy and Environment, as well as in Aeronautics. The Engineering and Construction Division, SENER Ingeniería y
Sistemas, S.A. has become one of the leading Spanish engineering firms, with a turnover of more than 624 million Euros (2010
figures), around 2,000 employees and offices in Abu Dhabi, Algiers, Barcelona, Bilbao, Buenos Aires, Busan, Lisbon, Madrid,
Mexico City, Okayama, San Francisco, Seville, Valencia and Warsaw.
Further information:
Oihana Casas. Corporate Communication. SENER Phone (+34) 91 807 7318 / 679 314 085
In the Power and Process activity, SENER is actively present in the gas sector, where it implements EPC contracts for
regasification plants, such as the SAGGAS terminal and expansions, the expansion of the BBG plant and the expansion of the
Enagas terminal in Barcelona, the Castor project and and, through TS LNG (a joint venture of the Techint and SENER
companies), the EPC contract for the Gate terminal, to which it has now added the Dunkirk regasification plant in France.
About TS LNG
In 2007 Techint Engineering & Construction and SENER established the TS LNG joint-venture to develop LNG projects.
Specialized in turn-key projects, TS LNG has been responsible for the engineering, procurement and construction management
of the Gate terminal in the Netherlands, an outstanding reference in the regasification plants sector. After the start-up of the
Gate terminal, carried out in consortium with the French Entrepose and Vinci (TSEV), TS LNG is currently working on a
regasification plant in Dunkirk, France. TS LNG adds SENER and Techint E&C references in LNG projects, with Repsol, ENEL,
Edison, Trans Canada, Cacouna Energy, Energia Costa Azul S.de R.L.de C.V, Kellogg Brown & Root, ENAGAS, and SAGGAS, among
other clients.
www.sener.es ; www.europeangas-conference.com
Further information:
Oihana Casas. Corporate Communication. SENER Phone (+34) 91 807 7318 / 679 314 085