Worksheet #3

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Season’s review sheet #3: Sun’s Path Analysis
1. Describe the shape of the Sun’s path as shown in the diagram. _________arc_________________
2. At what time of day would the Sun be highest in the sky on each path? ___noon________________
3. At solar noon in which direction would an observer look to see the Sun on each path? ___South____
4. What is the approximate altitude above the southern horizon of the noon Sun on:
March 21st? ___49º_____ b. June 21st? ____72.5º_ c. December 21st? _____25.5º
5. Which letter (A, B, or C) is the position of sunset southwest? ___C_____ northwest? ___A____
6. Which path shows the Sun in the sky for the longest number of hours? ____A________
7. How long does it take for the Sun to travel the path of:
a. September 23rd or March 21st? _12 hrs_ b. June 21st? _15 hrs__ c. December 21st? ___9 hrs
8. Use the letters D, E, and F to label the position of sunrise on June 21st, September 23rd, and December
21st respectively.
9. Which date(s) does the sun rise and set due east and west? _____Equinoxes March / September 21
10. Approximately when will the sunrise on an Equinox? ____6Am_______ When will it set? __6 Pm_
11. Which path shows the Sun rising south of due east and setting south of due west? _____Dec _____
12. Which path shows the Sun rising north of due east and setting north of due west? ____June______
13. Define Zenith: Imaginary point 90 degrees above your head.
14. When does the Sun reach the zenith in NY? _________Never_______________
15. How does the noon Sun’s altitude change from:
a. December to June? _________increases____________________
b. June to December? _________decreases___________________________
16. Draw and label the Sun’s path on the diagram above for April 21st and October 21st.
17. What causes the Sun’s path to change during the year?
Earth’s tilt, revolution, and the parallelism of the tilt.