Study Guide Chapter 3

Social Studies - Study Guide Chapter 3
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Vocabulary adapt - to change the way you do something
community - a place where people live, work, and have fun together
Suburban community - is a community located by a large city
urban community - in a large city, where you might find tall buildings and busy streets
rural community - a community in the countryside, where towns are usually far apart
levee - a high bank or wall built along the sides of a river to keep it from overflowing
environment - all of the things that surround us, such as land, water, air, and trees
Facts to Know:
Your community is where you live, work, and have fun.
Many suburbs used to be farmland.
Rural Communities have small populations.
Urban communities usually have busy streets, tall buildings, and many people.
Be able to draw a picture of a rural community, suburban community, and urban community.
One way that people have changed the environment of Louisiana is that Henry Miller Shreve cleared trees from the
Red River so boats could use the river.
Suppose you just moved to Louisiana from a much colder state. What is one way you might adapt to this change?
You would change the way you dress.
People in Louisiana have cleared land to build cities. They have also built dams to control floods. How are these
two things alike? They are both way of changing the environment.
One way that people have adapted in our state to the many rivers and bayou is they built boats to travel on water.
What is one way in which suburban and rural areas are different? Suburban areas are near large cities and rural areas
are in the countryside.
Jefferson Parish is the place where the suburban community of Marrero is found.
Lake Charles is an urban community.
New Orleans has one of the largest populations in Louisiana.
Athens, Louisiana is best described as a rural community by the fact that it is a small town surrounded by rolling