Subject: Physics

Subject: Physics
Grade: MYP 3
Number of lessons: 2/week
School year:2008/09
Teacher: Martina Michaličková
Where do we and our Earth get most of energy and how do we use it?
Human Ingenuity, Environments
3 months
Work done and Power
Units of work
Energy as agent of a change and mechanical energy is a stored work
Kinetic energy, gravitational potential energy + formulas (Ek = W = F x s, Ek = ½ mv2, Ep = mgh)
Chemical, electric and radiant energy
The Law of conservation of energy
Energy transfer in everyday situations
Renewable and non – renewable sources of energy
Different types of power plants
Give examples of possibilities how can I and my family save energy + argue why it is important
Give examples, describe and explain ways how power plants work and discuss their positives and
negative effects on the environment
Describe how the building of power plants, use of energy sources, development of new ecological
technologies, ... is affected by political, economical and environmental factors
Present scientific information in format of essay, leaflet, oral presentation, lab report, menu, ...
Understand and use scientific language relevant to the topic (work, energy)
Understand the importance of a balanced diet, explain the connection between caloric value of some
kind of food and possible power output of it, discuss the dangerous of anorexia and obesity
Read with understanding the energy bills and information from electrometer, energy transfer diagrams
Discuss scientific information from different sources about energy costs, energy sources and power
plants, use of energy in a household, balanced diet, cars of future, energy “loss”, …
Analyze simple scientific information – worksheets about energy
Explain and apply scientific information about work done, power output, efficiency, kinetic and
gravitational potential energy and energy changes in familiar and unfamiliar way
formulate a simple hypothesis and explain it using a logical reasoning and their knowledge of science,
design scientific investigation and comment on the method and the accuracy of the serults, suggest
improvements to the method - What is my own power output during upstairs running? Efficiency of a
simple machine. Use of energy in our household during 1 day
carry out scientific investigation, work effectively as a member of a team, show respect to the others –
Find my own power output, Efficiency of a simple machine
collect and record data, organize and transform data into tables and graphs
draw conclusions supported by explanation that are consistent with the analysis of data
- lab work – Power output during running
- field trip – wind power plant in Prellenkirchen, nuclear power plant in Jaslovske Bohunice, Technical
Museum in Wien + worksheet for each activity
- worksheets – working with sources, paragraphing + note taking
- leaflet + presentation – Power plants
- writing: my 10 daily activities + comparative writing – How does my day change if there is electricity
only from 10am to 1pm, there is no tap water and we can use only steam engine
- solving examples
- making own examples
- discussion – energy releases – conversion of energy into another kind
- energy transfer diagrams
- energy costs
- use of el. energy in my own household during 1 day – investigation + making a graph
- what is necessary to do for production of 1kWh? What everything can we do with 1kWh of energy?
- research – power output of the different types of cars, animals, other objects and people + efficiency
- research - energy from food + energy from fuel
- proposal of menu – balanced diet
- survey - Cars in the future
- discussion – can we produce “pure and unpolluted” energy?
- Why did Černobyl explode?
- What with burnt out fuel from power plants?
- working with the models of the power plants – CD
- worksheets: Heat and Light from the Sun, Terrestrial energy sources, Potential and Kinetic Energy,
Work and Energy
pair work
work with different types of sources
find information
classify information
reading graphs and analysis of data
collect data
essay writing
paragraphing and note taking
lab report writing
leaflet writing
analysis of the sources
research developing
evaluate the value of information in different media
distinguish between a fact and opinion
select and reject information according to goal
critical thinking
problem solving strategies
discussion and argueing
One world essay - How can I and my family save energy? – A, B
Worksheets (Energy Sources, Power plants) – B
Lab report – What is my own power output during upstairs running? – D, E, F
- Efficiency of a simple machine – D, E, F
- Use of energy in our household during 1 day – D, E, F
Make your own examples (W, P, Ek, Ep) – A, B, C
Suggest the balanced diet for a teenager, for a secretary, for a runner and a worker. – A, B, C
Leaflet + oral presentation – Power plants – A, B, C
Tests – C
All practical work – F
Macháček – 8. ročník – 1. diel
Science Encyclopedia, Dorling Kindersley, Kingfisher
Physics for you
Rojko – Fyzika kolem nas I, II, IV
Nota Bene