Disaster Preparedness Expo Newsletter

Disaster Preparedness Expo Newsletter
Issue 4 Oct 4, 2006
Tzu Chi Foundation and KARE
Time:10/15/2006(Sunday) 10:00AM – 5:00PM
On Monday, 10/9 at 10:00 there will be an interview with Tzu Chi on ChineseRadio.
Location:Jack London Square, Oakland
Web link: http://northerncal.us.tzuchi.org/disaster_prepare/
 April 18, 1906, 5:12am…
We never know when it will happen. It
could be tomorrow or the next minute.
The whole world was shaking, everyone ran out
without changing their pajamas, running, hiding,
Learn and practice the basics of emergency
screaming, crying….
response, then teach your friends and family.
The windows broke, the walls collapsed… After
If everyone can learn the basic skills, then we can
people ran out, they saw that the city was being
reduce the potential casualties and loss.
destroyed. The street was torn open, leaving gaps
everywhere, the telephone wires fell, the ground
10/5, Red Cross held the first Disaster
Preparedness Seminar.
was uneven. City Hall was flattened.
The gas pipes and water systems broke. The
temperature rose to 1500oC. Some of the granite
Location:Tzu Chi office, 175 Dempsey Rd. Milpitas
melted and the air was filled with smoke. The city
Speaker:Ms. Robin Fifield from Red Cross’s Santa
burned for three days. About thirty thousand
Clara branch; she’s a senior community disaster
buildings were burned down.
3000 people died, 250,000 people lost their homes.
Looters took advantage of the situation. The mayor
Remember, bring your family and friends to Jack
ordered the police and many soldiers to shoot any
London Square on 10/15/2006.
looters. More than 500 people were shot.
The exhibition of emergency respond education
This earthquake measured 7.9 on the Richter
prepared by “The Emergency Response Team of
Scale and left San Francisco in ruins.
Tzu Chi Northwest Region” is almost done.
We’re lucky and didn’t experience that disaster,
but can we avoid a disaster in this century?
Issue 4
Oct 4, 2006