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UKS2: Britain since World War 2
Session 3: Timeline of significant events
Theme 2: Media World
Session 3a: Newspaper article
Range and Breadth: His: 11b Study changes that have taken place since WW2.
Range and Breadth: His: 11b Study changes since WW2. Eng: En3 9b Inform.
History: Knowledge, skills & understanding
Objectives Discuss significant events that have happened since WW2 & place
them on a timeline.
1a Place events into correct periods of time.
2d Describe & make links between the main events within the period
5a Organise historical information.
History: Knowledge, skills & understanding
Objectives Research a significant event that has happened since WW2.
2d Identify & describe events. 4a Find out about the events studied
from a range of sources, including ICT. 5c Communicate their
knowledge in a variety of ways.
English: En3 Writing
Objectives Write a newspaper article about a significant event that has happened
since WW2. 2a-e Plan, draft, revise, proofread & present work. 1e Use
features of layout, presentation & organisation effectively.
Whole class teaching
Whole class teaching
Remind chn of news stories that they reported as a TV news report in session 2. Do
chn know any other major news stories that have happened since World War 2 that
were reported in newspapers, on the radio & on television? Can they name the year?
Perhaps sports events in their favourite sport or something that happened in their
country of birth, etc. Look at the events included on a timeline at Go through
a list of other possible events (session resources). Perhaps there are some news
events worth mentioning in your own locality? What about in chn’s own families – any
important events since WW2? Their parents’/grandparents’ birth? Their parents’/
grandparents’ marriage. Their own birth? A move to a new house? Discuss how
timelines are often drawn along a line & model drawing one using session resource.
Show how to space lines according to the date, & how to use different length marking
lines to fit events close together. Explain that chn will draw a timeline on a piece of
A3 paper (so there is plenty of room). If you have access to a timeline program such
as Textease Timeline, then some/all chn can use ICT to produce their timelines.
Remind chn of features of newspaper articles identified in Session 2 – volunteers can
offer suggestions. List on f/c. What style of writing is used to report events in
newspaper articles? Recounts. Look at a recent newspaper article together – annotate
features of newspaper recounts, e.g. headline, past tense, third person, time
connectives, etc. (session resources). Discuss time connectives. What is a connective?
A connective is a word or phrase that links clauses or sentences. Can chn suggest some
connectives that can be used to show how time passed, e.g. first, later, finally (see list
in session resources). Encourage use of phrases too, e.g. until then, up to that time, in
due course, etc. Cn will probably use other connectives too, e.g. also, however, although.
Explain that chn are going to work in pairs to write a newspaper recount of one of the
events on their timeline – they will need to research the facts, make notes & plan their
article. Chn should download a photograph from the internet to print & use as part of
their article.
Chn draw a timeline of events in their own & their
family’s lives plus some major events since WW2.
Chn may want to check some dates with their
family – these events can then be added at a
later time. Add pictures to some of the events.
Chn draw a timeline of major
events since WW2 concentrating
on national or international
events plus perhaps some local
events. TD with Medium group
Give chn time to research their significant event in pairs using information books & the
internet. Encourage chn to choose different events, so that they can all be included in
a large class timeline or a special newspaper supplement. Remind chn to use features of
recounts & to layout their edited & redrafted version as a newspaper article. If you
have access to a desk top publishing program some pairs could use that to word
process their article. TD as required
Plenary Place recounts in order on a large timeline across one of classroom walls or
create a newspaper supplement with articles about significant events that
have happened since WW2.
Discuss some of the events – had chn heard of them, were they aware
they had happened during the life of their parents/grandparents, etc.
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