Chapter 25: Pre

Pre-Lecture Quiz
Chapter 25, Respiratory Care Modalities
1. Hypoxemia can be manifested by a change in the patient’s mental status.
2. A patient who has recently undergone a tracheostomy should be maintained in a
semi-Fowler’s position.
3. Mechanically ventilated patients should be suctioned every 1 to 2 hours.
4. An intubated patient is considered to be “in sync” with the mechanical ventilator
when thoracic expansion coincides with the ventilator’s expiratory phase.
5. A postoperative pneumonectomy patient should be positioned on the operated
1. A nasal cannula is an example of a __________flow oxygen delivery system.
2. ____________ must be provided when oxygen is in use in order to counteract the
irritating effects of oxygen on the patient’s airway.
3. Chest physiotherapy (CPT) is commonly performed following
4. The ________ pressure of an endotracheal tube should be checked every 6 to 8
5. Respiratory ____________ is the process of withdrawing a patient from
dependence on a ventilator.