PACOM Navy Element Personnel,

10 September 2010
PACOM Navy Staff,
As we move toward the end of summer, the potential exists anywhere in
the world for a destructive weather event. All Navy personnel are reminded
to review the Navy Family Accountability Assessment System (NFAAS) website and if necessary, update the current
location of you and your family members. In the event of an incident, the
Navy will use this website as a tool to account that you and your family
members are safe. Additionally, if you haven’t already, please include your
family in destructive weather preparedness efforts. CNO’s Navy Family Gram
05-10 provides suggestions for Emergency Preparedness for Families.
Fitness Reports and Evaluations
a. New PFA Codes required in blocks 20 and 29 of all Navy FITREP/EVAL
Forms. Until the EVAL/FITREP Manual (BUPERSINST 1610.10) is revised, new
codes can be obtained from NAVADMIN 193/10.
b. Effective immediately, newly revised FITREP/EVAL Forms are available
at users
can contact NMCI to have software pushed to respective computers.
c. Effective 15 Mar 11, change to E-5 promotion recommendation limits.
NAVADMIN 286/10 specifies limits for EP will stay at 20%, however; EP and MP
combined cannot exceed 60%.
Training and Education.
a. NAVADMIN 258/10 announced Learning and Developing Roadmaps (LADR) for
Enlisted Sailors. These roadmaps are rating specific and designed to enhance
technical and analytical proficiency while supporting tactical and
operational competencies. As a Sailor advances, LADRS are complemented with
strategic perspectives, effective management and business practices. For
supervisors, LADRS provide a good tool for mentoring and developing Sailors.
Each Enlisted Sailor is encouraged to take advantage of these great tools to
assist in escalating your Navy career to broader depths of proficiency.
LADRS are available on NKO.
b. DANTES Retesting Policy. If you took a DANTES (CLEP, DSST, and ECE)
test after 20 May 2010 and did not receive a passing score, you will no
longer be able to retest for free. More information is provided in NAVADMIN
c. Tuition Assistance (TA) Program. Effective 1 October, there will be
quarterly funding limits for TA based on historic usage. Once the quarterly
funding allocation has been reached, TA applications will not be processed
until the next quarter. NAVADMIN 245/10 refers.
3. Enlisted Warfare Qualification Programs. New instruction, OPNAVINST
1414.9 sets mandatory requirements and timeline limitation for all Enlisted
Sailors to obtain warfare qualifications if assigned to a qualifying command.
4. Uniforms. 31 Dec 10 is the prescribed date in which the NWU will become
the mandatory working uniform ashore. All E1-E9 are required to have four
sets of NWU. Full NWU components are listed below. Deadline for a complete
sea bag with four sets of the NWU is 31 Dec 10. However, for those Sailors
who started recruit training 1 Oct 07 thru 26 Apr 09, the deadline for a
complete sea bag with NWU has been extended to 30 Jun 13 in order to ensure
these Sailors have sufficient time to receive allowances without purchasing
newly established uniforms out of pocket. Officers are responsible for
buying and maintaining uniforms appropriate to their assigned duties, and as
required by their prescribing authority.
Four NWU Blouses and Trousers
One Pair of NWU Boots
Two Eight-Point Utility Caps
Five 100% Blue Cotton T-Shirts
Five Pairs of Boot Socks
One Mock Turtle Neck Sweater
One Fleece Liner
One Gortex Parka
1. Navy Officers’ Birthday Ball. Event is scheduled for 9 October 2010 at
the Hilton Hawaiian Village. Tickets are on sale now and can be obtained
from CWO4 Vincent Street (J6) at 477-7225. Prices are as follows:
$60 O-3 and Below
$65 O-4 and O-5, DoD CIV
$70 O-6 and above, SES
2. Cycle 2, Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA). The Fall PFA cycle
notification has been made. Completion of PARFQ on BOL is required by 30
Sep. BCA (Height/weight) scheduled 11-15 Oct for those participating in run
or swim. BCA for bike/elliptical participates will be taken within 24-30
hours prior to testing. All other PFA events (including make-ups) will take
place between 18-26 Oct.
3. PACOM Navy Element Family Picnic will take place Friday, 15 October 2010
at the Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam Marina Cabanas. The theme is “Luau
Local Style” and it is free thanks to the hard work of the Navy MWR
Committee. Come out for some long overdue camaraderie and fun with your Navy
and Marine Corps Element shipmates.
Navy Element Points of Contact:
CDR Charlotte Hurd, CO, (808) 477-0957,
LCDR Darian Caldwell, XO, (808) 477-7874.
YNCS Korin Ross, SEA, (808) 477-9138,
YNC Moana Gonzalez, Admin LCPO, (808) 477-8186