2012 SERIC Rotterdam Meeting – January 19th-22nd

2012 SERIC Rotterdam Meeting – January 19th-22nd
Decisions and Questions
The annuel meeting
The annual European meeting is very important. We need to talk face to face.
The meeting will last from Friday afternoon till Sunday afternoon, in order to have
enough time to discuss. It is important to stay together in one building: the
conversations during the day and in the evenings facilitate the intensity of the meeting.
The January dates for next year are: Friday 18th till Sunday 20th.
Brussels (IDP and El Kalima) and Barcelona (Life Makers, Islamic League of
Coexistence and Peace, Justice and Peace) are possible candidates for organizing next
year meeting. They will in short time investigate the possibilities for lodging and
catering and evaluate the costs.
We have to assure that every country is present, in order to get full information and to
ensure strong personal ties.
In each delegation there should be one younger person, in order to get better dynamics.
Funding: organizing the meeting completely for free is almost impossible: we need
some fundraising. In 2009 and 2010 the January meeting has been financed
completely by GAIC-SERIC, without any subvention from the EU. In 2011 there were
no possibilities to finance the meeting completely. The 2011 meeting was only
possible thanks to the efforts of SERIC-Bergen op Zoom, Han and Hasan, who
succeeded in finding accommodation and food.
As soon as we known where we will meet next year, we will have to face the
possibilities of financing our meeting.
Dates for the next meeting of Christian-Muslim Meetings in 2012:
November 15th-25th.
Organizing information at an European level on the
Christian-Muslim Dialogue or on the Interreligious Dialogue
The traditional media don’t give us lots of information on the Christian-Muslim
dialogue, nor on the interreligious dialogue on a European level. What can we do to
communicate among ourselves otherwise than Email?
Julian Bond gave us a report about Face Book. It shows us that this media is an
excellent instrument of communication. It’s not a good instrument for discussion.
The SERIC-EUROPE–address on Face Book could be used to diffuse the “Good
Stories”, or the “good practices” we talked about.
Should it be possible to reserve a space on the SERIC-site in which we could
reassembles these “Good News stories”, which we receive from each of us?
Perhaps we should organize a Blog which could search and publish all the new
information’s of the sites involved in the Christian-Islam dialogue or the interreligious
Nevertheless, such a site doesn’t reach young people. We need other means of
communication, more specific. Yalla Italia, with all of its experience in
communicating with young people, could perhaps create in Italy an interactive process
which facilitates this interaction.
Building an International Network for the study and engagement of religion and
belief in Europe and beyond.
Alan Murray (All Faith and None) presented his project for the creation of European
Network on Religion and Belief (ENORB). This project is implanted in Brussels and
financed by the EC in the context of the fight against the inequalities. Its principal
orientation is the liberty of religion and belief.
Each member of our SERIC-group can provide ENORB with addresses and other
contacts which could be useful to their work. The project is very interesting, but
SERIC as a group cannot engage itself.
Inter Faith Week
Alan informed us on the next Inter Faith Week: the AFAN project to:
- Continue with 10-12 Inter-Faith Week in Schools and Colleges
- Multi-Faith Europ Event at EU Office, London
- Another Inter-Faith Pilgrimage in the North East : Newcastle-Alnmouth (Franciscan
friary)-Holy Island
6. Flyers
We have to reduce the costs here.
It’ s perhaps possible to print the flyers on location, as soon as in Paris the necessary
adjustment have been made. Paris can deliver the overall European format.
7. Banner
The banner SERIC Europe, realised by the Bergen op Zoom team, is available for the team
which organises the next European meeting in 2013.
8. Coordination Seric-Europe
Ignatius van Neerven is in charge of the coordination of la SERIC EUROPE 2012.
European Network on Religion and Belief
A European Network for mutual understanding and common action:
 Based on the values enshrined in Articles 17 (Religion and Belief) and 19 (Equality
and Justice) of the European Union’s Treaty of Lisbon
 Building on the common heritage and modern diversity of Europe’s faith
 Drawing on the European traditions of free thinking, secular humanism and social
 Promoting collaboration between EU, secular institutions and religious organisations
We Exist:
To promote dialogue, mutual understanding, social harmony, exchange and shared values
between religious and non-religious organisations.
We Are Committed:
To inter-faith and inter-convictional dialogue and debate.
We Will Combat:
Discrimination and prejudice on grounds of religion or belief wherever they occur.
We Aim:
To bring religious and non-religious groups together to work with the EU for the
‘economic, social and territorial’ cohesion of Europe.
To develop a shared language between religious and belief organisations and
To build a common European platform to contribute to EU policy debates and
promote harmony and shared values throughout the Union.