Genetics Quiz- Matching, Short answer

Genetics Quiz
Part 1: Matching: Match the vocab word to its definition.
___ Alleles
A. The substance of which genes are made.
___ Gene
B. The smallest living unit.
___ Generation
C. A process of producing cells with identical genes.
___ Offspring
D. Usually the inheritance of a living creature.
___ Dominant
E. Any organism that resembles its parent.
___ Chromosome
F. A structure in the nucleus that contains DNA.
___ DNA
G. Two types of genes, dominant and recessive.
___ Cell
H. A unit of inheritance.
___ Cloning
I. A gene that shows the characteristics of another gene.
___ Genetics
J. The scientific study of heredity.
Part 2: Short Answer
Answer the following questions with at least two sentences.
1. Explain the difference between dominant and recessive alleles. For example, if I
have brown eyes what would the allele look like.
2. Who is famous for discovering heredity? What experiment did he do to discover
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