Assistant Marine Biologist

CO-OPERATIVE EDUCATION – Science & Environment
Assistant Marine Biologist
This is a sample job description for an entry level position. It is based on actual job postings within Cooperative Education. Fictitious company details and contact names have been used.
Company Name: Public Environment Company
Contact: Paul Victoria, HR and Research Director
456 West 8th, Vancouver, BC
Job Title: Assistant Marine Biologist
Company Description:
In British Columbia, coastal topography and the availability of suitable landfill sites are key
constraints in waste management strategies. The annual volume of materials dredged and
excavated in the Lower Mainland, for which there are no beneficial uses, cannot be
accommodated by existing landfill sites. Consequently, disposal at sea has become a practical
and economical alternative to landfill.
Disposal at sea is the deliberate disposal of approved substances at designated disposal sites in
the sea. Public Environment Company administers the Disposal at Sea Program.
 Assist in the entry and compilation of marine monitoring data
 Update the disposal at sea database and sea GIS mapping application
 Other duties include general office duties
 Some opportunities to participate in load site and disposal site monitoring surveys and
field inspections
 Opportunity to assist in the collection of marine sediments along the coast of British
Columbia aboard a Coast Guard Research Vessel
 Working knowledge of MS Office, including Outlook, Access, Word, Excel and
 Working knowledge of databases
 Must be organized, efficient and thorough
 Must be able to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing
 Experience using GIS software (e.g. ArcView or ArcGIS) is an asset but not required