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If this change has an impact on your application interface to SCI Store please
discuss this with your NHS Sponsor and if necessary raise a call with the SCI
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This call should be raised against the group “UK.AppsSupp.SCIStore.CS”.
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Change Summary:
Notification Service Result Events - Requesting Organisation and RequestingHCP
not always populated
Change Detail:
NHS Lanarkshire reported an issue where they were not receiving all the
notifications they expected, which was investigated and traced back to an issue
with the Result Event Generation. It was discovered that the
‘RequestingOrganisation’ and ‘RequestingHCP’ were not always being populated within
the notification event. This issue has now been resolved in this release of SCI
Impact on existing users:
The NaSH application is the only current user of the Result Notification Services
Reason for change:
To resolve the issue described above.
Related Documentation:
Change implemented in SCI Store Build number:
Build 6.0.1017 (v2.3, v4.1 & v6.0 Web Services)
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request etc.):
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