MESOPOTAMIA UNIT TEST - Bathurst High School

Mesopotamia Review
True or False
1. _T__ The scribes were primarily the sons of the wealthy.
2. __T_ The priests controlled the distribution of land to the farmers.
3. T One main crop produced by farmers was sesame seeds.
4. __T_ Sumerians traded wool, cloth and jewelry.
5. _T__ The Epic of Gilgamesh was about a god.
Multiple Choice
1. Mesopotamia was referred to as:
the land surrounded by the mountains
the land near the seas
the land between the rivers
then land between the oceans
2. Mesopotamia was governed by:
3. Parts of Mesopotamia have also been known as
all of the above
Part C: Matching
Place the letter on the line that answers the statement.
1. _C__ King Hammurabi’s contribution
A - polytheistic
2. _E__ the earliest form of writing found in Mesopotamia
B- ziggurats
3. __A_ people who worshipped many different gods/goddesses C- first code of laws
4. B___ high temples or terraced pyramids topped with a shrine
and dedicated to a god’s honor
D- mythology
5. __D_ stories of the gods and their relationship to the world
E- cuneiform
Short answer
1. List two reasons why the priests were influential in Mesopotamia.
 The priests controlled the distribution of land to the farmers.
 Believed to be linked to the gods
2. List two ways the merchants and artisans helped to develop Mesopotamian
civilization. Why are these individuals so important in a civilization?
 Sold their merchandise
 as well as spreading the ideas and culture throughout the Mediterranean Sea
3. List one contribution of mathematics and one contribution of astronomy that
Mesopotamians made. The unit of 60. (seconds, minutes, circle measurement of 360)
First to use stars as s guide and use the zodiac signs.
4. In a paragraph explain why you think so many civilizations arose in the area known
as the “Fertile Crescent”?
Fertile land to grow food
Easy access to the Mediterranean sea
Mountains South provided protection and to the East and West was dessert.
Long answer
Answer the following questions in one or two proper paragraphs.
Paragraphs should be 4-6 sentences in length. Be sure to include an introduction
and concluding sentence, as well as your supporting ideas.
1. What is Hammurabi’s “code of laws”? What was the purpose of creating these laws?
Why is Hammurabi’s “code of laws” important to the development of civilization?
Where was it displayed?
 A common law for the entire land
 Eye for an eye
 So that all citizens of Mesopotamia would be dealt with fairly.
2. Imagine King Hammurabi controlled our society. Where would he display/post his
laws? Why would he pick this location?
3. King Hammurabi’s “code of laws” was very different from the Canadian criminal
code. In your opinion which one do you believe is more effective in preventing
crime? Explain your response by stating your reasons for your choice.
4. One of the most important technological advances in Mesopotamia was the wheel.
Name two of the three applications (uses) of the wheel and explain why they were so
 Wagons
 Chariots for war
 Water wheels for irrigation
Farming was a key industry in Mesopotamia. Name three agricultural innovations
developed during this time and explain how they impacted farming.
 Plow
 Yoke
 irrigation