Peter Francis Book Collection

Peter Francis Book Collection
The Bead Museum
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5000 years of Korean Art; national Museum of Korea
An A-Z of Gems and Jewelry; Bill Robins
America’s Fascinating Indian heritage; ed. James A Maxwell
American Negro Sculpture; Paul Wingert
Amulets and Pendants in Ancient Maharashtra; Jyotsma Maurya
Ancient Art in Miniature—Near East Seals; Holly Pittman
Ancient Glass in the Israel Museum: Beads and other small objects; Maud Spaer
Ancient Glass in Korea; Lee In-Sook
An Ancient Khmer Beadmaking Art in Modern Thailand; Duangporn Dunning, Steven Dunning
The Ancient Port of Arikamedu: New Excavations and Research 1989-1992; Vimala Begley
Anthropology of the North Pacific Rim; William Fitzhugh and Valerie Chaussonnet
Antiques; Michel Doussy
Ars Vitraria I
Art from Zaire; Irwin Hersey
The Art of Diamond Cutting; Basil Watermeyer, Sofus S. Michelsen
The Art of Pre-Columbian Gold: The Jan Mitchell Collection; Metropolitan Museum of Art
‘Atiqot Vol. 18; Ofer Bar-Yosef, David Alon
Banaras Beads Limited
The Bead Business; Penelope Diamanti deWidt
The Bead Directory; Linda Benmour (2 editions)
Beads: An Exploration of Bead traditions Around the World; Janet Coles, Robert Budwig
Beads and Beadwork of the American Indians; William C. Orchard
Beads of the Bison Robe Trade; Steven Leroy DeVore
A Bead Primer; Elizabeth Harris
Beads from Gablonz; Waltraud Neuwirth
Beads! Make your own unique jewelry; Stefany Tomalin
Bedouin Jewellery in Saudi Arabia; Heather Colyer Ross
Berenike ’98; Steven Sidebotham, Willemine Wendrich
Bibliografia Sumaria Para el Estudio del Vidrio; Gonzalo Lopez Cervantes
The Book of Buckskinning III; William H Scurlock
The Book of Talismans, Amulets, and Zodiacal Gems; William Pavitt
Bovis Bead Company Wholesale; Pierre Bovis
Bulletin of the Texas Archaeological Society, vol 37; ed. Edward Jilkes
Caping Modesty Disc; Mohd. Kassim Haji Ali
Catalogue of the Beck Collection, Part I—Europe; The Bead Study Trust
Chanhu-Daro Excavations 1935-1936; ed. W. Norman Brown
Chicago Manuel of Style; University of Chicago
Chinese Art 3, R Soame Jenyns
Chinese Seals; T.C. Lai
The Codex Borgia; Gisele Diaz, Alan Rodgers
The Codex Nuttall; Zelia Nuttall
A Collection of Ethnographical Articles on the California Indian; Robert F. Heizer
The Collector’s Book of Jade; Author and Grace Chu
A Collector’s Guide to Seashells of the World; Jerome M Eisenberg
Corning Glass Center; Corning Glass Works
Corning Museum of Glass: Slide Catalog
Croagh Patrick, Co. Mayo; Leo Morahan
Culture and Art of the Formosan Aborigines; Max Chiwai Liu
Cyprus, BC: 7000 years of History; Veronica Tatton-Brown
Das Geheimnis des Bernstein- colliers; Thomas Neumaier
Die Perlen der Romischen Kaiserzeit und der fruhen Phase der Volkwanderungszeit im
mitteleuropaischen Barbaricum; Magdalena Tempelmann-Maczynska
Early Trade between India and Southeast Asia; I.C. Glover
El Arte Simbolico y Decoratevo de los Huicholes; Carl Lumholtz
Ethnic Costumes of the Miao People in China—Robert Lam
Excavations at Tepe Gawra Vol. I, EA Speiser
The Flag in American Indian Art; Toby Herbst, Joel Kopp
French-English English-French Dictionary; Librairie Larousse
Fustat Finds; Jere L Bacharach
German-English English-German Dictionary; E Klatt and G Golze
Gifted Hands—Jewish Artisans, Ornament, and Beads; Lois Rose Rose
Glas kleine technologie 1905-1925; Waltraud Neuwirth
Glass Beads; Marianne Rasmussen, Ulla Lund Hansen, Ulf Nasman
The Glassmakers; Samuel Kurinsky
Glossary of Indian Medicinal Plants; RN Chopra, SL Nayar, IC Chopra
Guebert Site: an 18th Century Historic Kaskaskia Indian Village; Mary Elizabeth Good
Handbook of British Guiana; William Francis, F.I.C.
Handbook of Small Scale Plastic Industries; RK Gupta
Hatpins and Hatpin Holders; Lillian Baker
Hau, Kola!; Barbara A Hail
History of Indian Glass; Dr. Moreshuar G Diksit
Hispanic Handbook Museum and Library Collections; Frances Spalding
The Heirloom Beads of Luba, Kalinga- Apayao; Benjamin Cabrera Abellera
Hopi Silver; Margaret Wright
Indian Beads: A Cultural and Technological Study; Shantaram Bhalchandra Deo
Indian Dress; Charles Forbri
Indian Prehistory: 1980; V.D. Misra, J.N. Pal
Indian Life of the Northwest Coast of North America; Eena Gunther
International Seminar Harbor Cities Along the Silk Roads: Report
Into the Rising Sun; Luc Cuyvers
Interim report on Archaeological Research of the Tatham Mound, Citrus County, Flordia Session III;
Jeffery M Mitchem, Dale L Hutchinson
Jewellery of India—5000 years of Tradition; Francis Brunel
Jewelry Making and Design; Augustus F Rose, Antonio Cirino
Jewelry from Persia; Patti Birch
Jewels of the Pharaohs Egyptian jewelry of the dynastic period; Cyril Aldred
Jewelry: A Pictorial Archive of Woodcuts and Engravings; Harold Hart
Jewelry of the Prehistoric Southwest; E Wesley Jernigan
Jewellery through 7000 years; British Museum
The Joint Hadd Project; Serge Cleuziou, Julian Reade, Maurizio Tosi
The Journal of the Siam Society
Katalog paciorkow szklanych z obszaru Polski polnocnej w okresie wplywow rzymskich; Teresa
Kayamanan: The Philippine Jewelry Tradition; Ramon N Villegas
Kulay—Insights on some Philippine Plant Dyes and their medicinal uses; Vicenta Mendoza Escobar
Lapis Lazuli in Geological Contexts and in Ancient Written Sources; Lissie von Rosen
Leningrad Catalog
Lembah Bujang (The Bujang Valley); J Chandran, Jazamuddin Baharuddin
Looking for Dilmun; Geoffrey Bibby
Lost Heritage of Alaska; Polly Miller, Leon Gordon Miller
Magical Jewels; Joan Evans
The Mark of Ancient Man; Madeline Noveck
Mexican Silverwork; Museo National de Artes e Industrias Populares
Modern glass Practice; Samuel R Scholes
Navajo Silver; Arthur Woodward
New Archaeological finds in China; Foreign Language Press
Occasional Papers in Archaeology and history Vol. 1; John Rick, Kenneth Kidd, Martha Kidd, Margaret
Ohio Slate Types; Robert N Converse
One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure; Alexandra van Donegan, et al
The Oriental Ceramic Society: China and Islam: A Survey of the Coast of India and Ceylon; John Carswell
The Oriental Ceramic Society: China and Islam in the Maldive Islands; John Carswell
The People and Art of the Philippines; Fr. Gabriel Casa, George R Ellis, Regalado Trota Jose
Perlen: Archaeologie, Techniken, Analysen; Uta von Freeden, Alfried Wieczorek
Philippine Antique Jewelry; Vicenta Mondoze Escobar
Philippine Numismatic Monograph, no. 21; Emmanuel Encarnation
Philippine Numismatic Monograph, no. 25; Ronald Arciaga Dulay
Precious Stones, vol. 1 and 2; Max Bauer
Pre-Columbian Art; Harvard University Trustees
Pre-historic Glass in Bohemia; Natalie Venclova
Pre-history in India; FE Zeana
Pre-history of Korea—Jeong-Hak Kim
The Qashqa’I of Iran; Whitworth Art Gallery
Recent Discoveries in Chinese Archaeology; Zuo Boyang
Region Around the Jizera; Jana Scheybalova, Josef V. Scheybal, Bohumil Jakoube
Research on Glass of the Lusatian and Pomeranian Cultures in Poland; Tadeusz Malinowsk
Rome and India: The Ancient Sea Trade; Vimala Begley, Richard de Puma
St. Catherine’s: An Island in Time; David Hurst Thomas
Sarawak Museum Journal, vol. 34
Sea Snails of Pondicherry; Fred Pinn
Seed Identification Manual; Alexander C Martin, William D Barkley
Seneca Indians; WH Carter, GB Fenstermaker
Shell Game; Jerry Martien
Shining in the Ancient Sea: Laurin R Johnson
Shoso-in’s Collections and Ancient Korea; Jai-seuk Choi
South Indian ‘Megalithic’ Burials: The Pandukal Complex; Lawrence S. Leshnik
Spain in the New World; Arizona State University
Spanish-English Dictionary; Washington Square Press
Sri Lanka and the Silk Road of the Sea; S. Bandaranayake, L Dewaraja, R. Silva, KDG Wimalaratne
The Story of Glass; S Kumar
A Study of the Beads from Kausambi; Manik Chandra Gupta
Supplement to Glossary of Indian Medicinal Plants; R.N. Chopra, I.C. Chopia, and B.S. Varma
Thracian Treasures; Ivan Venedikov
Tibet: A lost world; Valrae Reynolds
Tonbodama; Tsuneo Yoshimizu
Total Tattoo Book; Amy Krakow
The Traditional Crafts of Persia; Hans E Wulff
Tutankamun’s Jewlery; IES Edwards
The Ubiquitous Trade Bead; Anita Engle