Notebook/Pre-Lab Report Guidelines For every experiment, a pre

Notebook/Pre-Lab Report Guidelines
For every experiment, a pre-lab must be completed before arriving to lab, and this is completed
in the laboratory notebook. Laboratory notebooks are required; these are bound notebooks
(no spirals!!) and are written in ink pen (blue or black).
General Format for the Lab Notebook:
Leave the first few pages blank. This section will serve as a table of contents that will be
updated for each lab as they take place.
The table of contents pages are not given page numbers. Begin the first page after the
table of contents and label that page #1 in the top right hand corner.
The first page of every experiment will list in order:
-the title of the experiment
-the date
-the objectives
-any chemical reactions and/or method of yield calculation if applicable
-the table of reagents
NOTE: the table of reagents is an important section and will be a valuable section during
experiments. What is represented below is necessary for every table but is not limited either
(more information can be added if one feels it’s necessary).
Table of Reagents
Compound Name
Formula: C6H6O
Formula: C7H8O
MW: 94.11 g/mol
Density: 1.07 g/ml
MP: 40.5 °C
BP: 181.7 °C
CAS#: 108-95-2
MW: 108.14 g/mol
Density: 0.995 g/ml
MP: -37°C
BP: 154°C
CAS#: 100-66-3
After the table of reagents, include any questions that were assigned as part of the pre-lab
The pre-lab will be graded at the beginning of every lab. If the pre-lab is not done or sections
are missing, the student will NOT be allowed to participate in the lab until those sections are