Laboratory Schedule for Ecology of Mosses

The Ecology of Mosses
Laboratory Schedule
Please bring a dissecting kit and your copy of Mosses of the Great Lakes Forest to every
lab session.
January 21
Morphology and Growth Forms of Mosses
Preparation of Bryophyte Collection
January 28
Reproduction/life cycle of mosses
February 4
Microscopic Anatomy of Moss Gametophytes
February 11
Use of keys in bryophyte identification
February 18
Moss identification: Mosses of the coniferous
February 25
Moss identification: Mosses of calcareous
March 4
Moss identification: Saxicolous mosses
March 11
Moss identification: Terricolous mosses
March 25
Introduction to Liverworts
April 1
Sphagnum identification
April 8
Field trip: TBA
April 15
Field trip: TBA
April 22
Field trip: TBA
April 29
Field trip: TBA