standards of conduct for state employees

Chapter 572
Texas Government Code Chapter 572 spells out standards of conduct and disclosure requirements which must be
observed by all persons owing responsibility to the people and government of this state in the performance of their
official duties. 572.001
Generally, state employees may not have any interest in, or engage in, any business or professional activity or incur
any obligation which is in substantial conflict with the proper discharge of duties in the public interest. 572.001
Specifically, state employees are prohibited from:
accepting or soliciting any gift, favor, or service that might reasonably tend to influence an
employee's discharge of official duties; or is offered with the intent to influence official conduct;
accepting employment or engaging in any business or professional activity in which an employee
might reasonably expect that the activity would require or induce an employee to disclose
confidential information acquired by reason of an official position;
accepting employment or compensation which would reasonably tend to impair independent
judgment in the performance of official duties;*
*This prohibition includes accepting wages or travel reimbursements from any person whom the employee’ s agency
intends to audit, examine, or investigate, as stipulated in the Texas Government Code, Section 660.016 .
making personal investments which would reasonably be expected to create a substantial conflict
between the employee's private interest and the public interest; and
intentionally or knowingly soliciting, accepting, or agreeing to accept any benefit for having
exercised official powers or performed official duties in favor of another. 572.051
In addition to the above prohibitions the 72nd Legislature defined a series of activities as inappropriate. The
prohibited activities pertaining to the standards of conduct for state officers and employees are as follows:
a former state officer or employee of a regulatory agency who ceases service or employment with
that agency on or after January 1, 1992, may not represent or receive compensation for services
rendered on behalf of any person regarding a matter in which the former officer or employee
participated during their period of state service or employment.*572.054
* This regulation only applies to a state officer of a regulatory agency or a state employee of a regulatory agency who is
compensated, as of the last date of state employment, at or above the minimum salary prescribed by the General Appropriations
Act for Salary Groups A 17 or B 9, of the Position Classification Salary Schedule (Equivalent to this agency’s Salary Group 17).
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