Final program

2007 FORCE Workshop:
The importance of stratigraphy in source rock prediction
and hydrocarbon migration
4-5 Dec 2007, NPD Stavanger
December 4th
9:00-9:15am: Introduction & welcome (Lorna Richmond, Chair)
SESSION 1: Sequence stratigraphic concepts linked to source rock
development & depositional environment
9:15-10:00am Key Note Speaker- J. Suter
Sequence Stratigraphic Controls on Deposition of Source Rocks
10:00-10:25am J.P. Nystuen
Sequence Stratigraphy and Source Rock Potentials
10:25-10:50am COFFEE BREAK
10:50-11:25am K. Dempster, W. Almon, W. Dawson & M. Hertle
Impact of Shale Facies Variation on Source Quality and Hydrocarbon Charge
11:25-11:50pm F. van Buchem
Stratigraphic patterns in carbonate source-rock distribution: second order to fourth
order control
11:50-13:00pm LUNCH
13:00-13:25pm J. Macquaker
Source Rocks and Sequence Stratigraphy: Dispelling Myths about the Optimal
Environments of Source Rock Deposition.
13:25-13:50pm J. H. van Koeverden
Palaeozoic and Triassic source rocks in the Southern Barents Sea in their
environmental context - Do geochemical results from the lab match the
13:50-14:15pm COFFEE BREAK
SESSION 2: Prediction of source rock development from seismic,
sequence stratigraphy, palaeoclimate, palaeolatitude…
14:15-15:00pm J. Harris
Global palaeogeography and palaeo-Earth systems: the basis for an innovative
source facies prediction method to reduce exploration risk in frontier basins.
15:00-15:25pm A.Y. Huc
How to Reconcile Biological Control and Sequence Stratigraphic Concepts for
Source Rock Deposition?
15:25-15:50pm U. Mann & J. Knies
Source rock modelling of the central Arctic Ocean: Is there an Palaeogene Arctic
wide source rock?
15:50-16:00pm Closing remarks & evening logistics
17:00 Conference drinks, Newsman, Stavanger
19:00 Conference dinner, Røde Sjøhus, Stavanger
December 5th
SESSION 2 Continued:
9:00-9:35am G. de Briun
Combining Chimney and Sequence Stratigraphic Interpretations in OpendTect
9:35-10:00am L. Wensaas, H. Løseth, M. Gading, L. Leith, J. Lutro &
M. Springer
Field observations of source rocks. Applications in exploration
10:00-10:25am S. Flint, R. Davies and R. Jerrett
Coal Seams as High Resolution Tape Recorders of Base Level Change; examples
from Cretaceous and Carboniferous systems
10:25-10:50am COFFEE BREAK
10:50-11:15am H. I. Petersen & H. P. Nytoft
Geological age and coal composition: Why Lower Carboniferous coals in the North
Sea are inherently gas-prone
11:15-11:40am J. Cole
Sequence stratigraphy and source rock prediction in the Late Carboniferous of the S.
North Sea and other non-marine/quasi-marine settings
11:40-13:00pm LUNCH
SESSION 3: Applications & Case Studies: Stratigraphy & Source
13:00-13:25pm F. G. Christiansen, J. A. Bojesen-Koefoed, L.
Stemmerik & S. Piasecki
A review of Palaeozoic Lacustrine Source Rocks from East Greenland
13:25-13:50pm S. Lüning
Sequence Stratigraphy of the Silurian Source Rocks in North Africa and Arabia
13:50-14:15pm M. Inthorn, J. Zweigel, U. Mann
The Cretaceous source rock in the Vøring Basin off Mid-Norway: Just a myth or high
14:15-14:40pm S. Ohm, D.A. Karlsen, A. Roberts, E. Johannessen &
O. Høiland
The Palaeocene Sandy Fairway:an efficient ‘pipeline’ draining the prolific Central
14:40-15:00pm Conference committee closing remarks