309/Old Packhouse Road Mitigation

The goal of this mitigation plan is to create replacement wetlands, equal in size, value,
and function compared to the wetlands that will be lost due to project construction. The
planting scheme will create wetlands in a diversified spatial pattern, and will create food,
cover, and nesting habitat for wildlife. Plant species valuable in these functions will be
introduced and measures to encourage reestablishment of native species will be part of
the plan.
Grading and site design will allow the wetlands to function in sediment trapping, nutrient
retention, water quality enhancement, and floodflow alteration. Design features will be
included to enhance the wildlife habitat value of the mitigation site. Design features and
techniques will allow the area to become “naturalized”, which will encourage
repopulation by native plant and animal species.
1. Mitigation must be approvable after 5 year monitoring period – Must have
_____ Maintain current hydrology in wetlands in area north of road
______ Pre-treat as much runoff as possible – Water Quality Enhancement
______Create visually pleasing mitigation site
______Riparian habitat creation (herptiles, macroinverts, reptiles)
______Native wetland with upland buffer for flora
______Low maintenance
______Maintain ecological connectivity (Wildlife passage)
______Environmental Education
Construction Objectives:
_____Quickly stabilize and minimize erosion and sedimentation associated with the
- Performance specs – reduce erosion as they go –
(Minimize E&S post and during construction)