VIGILANT in Philadelphia

VIGILANT in Philadelphia
We left our home on the East River off Mobjack Bay (Which is off the Chesapeake on
Virginia’s west shore) on May 29th for a 2 week cruise up the Bay to Philadelphia. We
anchored in Mill Creek off the Great Wicomico, Mill Creek at Solomons Is. and then met
friends on a Nordic Tug 37 in Whitehall Bay near Annapolis.
Together we stopped next at the Summit North Marina on the C&D Canal. They have
installed new docks which are nice but are a l-o-n-g walk to showers, etc.
Philadelphia was next. Stayed at The Piers Marina (BoatUS). Not exactly a 1st class
place but the price was right and it was very convenient, next door to Penns Landing. The
dockmaster, Chuck, could not have been nicer. There are a lot of live-aboards there. The
Penns Landing marina is not in business at this time. We were told that it shoaled in after
an encounter with a tug.
Getting around in Philly is great. Seniors (65+) ride public transportation free except for
rush hours. Had a super evening at The Victor Cafe where the wait staff sings operatic
arias. They were students at various music schools and were very professional. After 4
days in Philly doing all the usual tourist stuff we headed home via a 2 day stop in
Baltimore. The weather was perfect, mostly cool and no rough seas.
Pete & Sue Jennette