Estidama & Leed - Green Mountains

Estidama and LEED Construction Waste Recycling Services
GMGT specializes in comprehensive waste management services to help you meet your
Estidama and LEED recycling and salvage commitments. We will work with you to develop a
simple and safe system that fits your waste inventory and the logistical characteristics of your
GMGT will:
establish a waste sorting facility for your project with a full range of colour coded skips
supply personnel to sort waste into recycled or salvaged materials
schedule skip collection to suit your site activities
transfer all recycled materials to end-users
record all loads by weighbridge or by calculated volume
document and verify the end use of all recycled materials
provide Weekly Waste Tracking Reports showing your project’s progress against your
recycling/salvage target
At the completion of your project, GMGT will provide a Project Waste Tracking Report that
provides an analysis of the total percentage of waste diverted from landfill through recycling or
salvage. And to support your final Credit Submission to the Urban Planning Council, the
Municipality, or the US Green Building Council, our Project Waste Tracking Report includes
receipts, weighbridge or volume data, and a list of end users for all your recycled materials.
GMGT’s construction waste recycling services are helping projects in Abu Dhabi achieve greater
than 90% diversion of waste from landfill, thereby securing maximum possible construction waste
management credits under Estidama and LEED.