Unit 3
Grammar Study Sheet
A word that shows action is a verb.
Add –s to a verb to tell what one person, animal, or thing does.
Do not add –s to a verb that tells what two or more people,
animals, or things do.
Juno writes a letter.
Max and Pam write letters.
The verb rests tells about now. It ends with –s.
Today turtle rests.
The verb rested tells about the past. It ends with –ed.
Yesterday Turtle rested.
The verb will rest tells about the future. It begins with will.
Tomorrow Turtle will rest.
Verbs can show what is happening now, in the past, or in the
Today Blanca fills a basket. (now)
Yesterday Blanca filled a basket. (in the past)
Tomorrow Blanca will fill a basket. (in the future)
The verbs am, is, are, was, and were do not show action. They
show what someone or something is or was. These verbs are
forms of the verb to be.
The verbs am, is, and are tell about now.
I am a teacher.
Juan is a teacher.
Kit and Mack are teachers.
The verbs was and were tell about the past.
I was a teacher.
Rachel and Sarah were teachers.
Use am, is, and was to tell about one person, place, or thing.
Use are and were to tell about more than one person, place, or