Stony Brook Cancer Center Research Lecture Series 2008

Stony Brook University Cancer Center
Lecture Series 2008
I am happy to inform you that the Stony Brook University Cancer Center will be
holding monthly lectures the last Wednesday of every month. Our first lecture will be
on Wednesday, January 30, 2008 at 5:15pm in the Atkins Learning Center HSC L-4.
Please mark your calendar with the following dates. I will inform you of the guest
speaker and topic as soon as it becomes available.
Light refreshments will be served at 5:00pm. The lecture will start at 5:15pm.
Looking forward to seeing you there.
Michael Hayman,PhD
Associate Director for Research
Stony Brook University Cancer Center
2008 Lecture Series
Jan 30th
Timothy J. Kinsella, M.D.
Candidate for
Cancer Center Director
V.K. Smith Professor and Chairman
Department of Radiation Oncology
Case Western Reserve University
School of Medicine
Director of Radiation Oncology
University Hospitals Health System
Ireland Cancer Center
"Coordinating DNA mismatch repair and base excision repair of drug and
radiation damage: Implications for targeting resistant human cancers"
Feb 27th
Ute Moll, MD
Associate Professor
Department of Pathology
Mar 26th
Kenneth Shroyer, MD, PhD
Professor and Chair
Department of Pathology
Molecular Markers of HPV Infection
April 29th
Symposium/Wang Center
May 28th
Christopher S. Lee, MD
Assistant Professor
Department of Urology
Developing Cancer Vaccines for GU Cancers:
From Bench to Bedside
June 25th
Ken Iwata
OSI Pharmaceutical
“Development of Molecularly Targeted Therapeutics for Cancer:
Strategies for Biomarkers and Drug Combinations”
No lecture/summer vacations
No lecture/summer vacations
Sept 24th
Richard Lin (tentative)
Assistant Professor
Oct 29th
Dr John Haley
OSI Pharmaceutical
'Signaling Networks Regulating Epithelial-Mesenchymal
Nov 19th
Emily Chen
Assistant Professor
Department of Pharmacology
Tumor microenvironment and organ-specific breast cancer
No lecture/ holidays