List of dissertation topics

List of topics of IMESS dissertations successfully defended at Charles University in 2009-2014
A blip on the radar? Conceptualising the Czech Republic in the United States before and after the missile
defence shift
A Holistic Analysis of Polish Return Migration Programs.
Armenia’s accession to the Customs Union: Gains and Losses?
Assessment of East German Uprising of 1953 from 1989 Perspective in Germany
Civic engagement in Romania – testing the applicability of mainstream theories on the winter protests of
Cleavage politics and Europeanisation-induced transformation of the national political space - the case of the
Czech Republic
Constructing Nagorno-Karabakh: a diachronic analysis of official Armenian discourse
Convergence across the four Central and Eastern European states: Panel Data Approaches
Convergence or Divergence: The Analysis of Economic Growth in the CIS Countries
Differences Between National Memory of Communism in Poland and the Czech Republic
Discursive Energy Security: Narratives and Public Relations in Natural Gas Pipelines. Nabucco vs. South
Stream Case Study
Does Banking Concentration Lead to Banking Stability in the CEE Countries?
Does the high government debt hurt long-term economic growth?
Economic Integration in the EU: Competitiveness and Convergence
Ethnicity, Territoriality, and Conflict in the South Caucasus - A Qualitative Comparative Analysis
European Security at the Beginning of the Twenty First Century: At the Crossroads of the US and Russian
Foreign Policies
Financial Globalization and Macroeconomic Volatility: an Empirical Study of the Effects of Foreign Bank
Presence on the Volatility of Consumption and Growth
First Teachers, Then Students: Media Education in the Czech Republic
Galloping behind Europe: benefits and burdens of EU rule transposition in Bulgaria and Czech Republic
Growth-Enhancing Mechanism in Transition Countries: Cooperative Effect of Foreign Direct Investment and
Financial Development
Health care: necessity or luxury good? A meta-regression analysis
Health Systems in Transition: Priorities, Policies and Health Outcomes
Hungary - Russia - EU. Bilateral versus multilateral relations in Hungarian natural gas policy
Hybrid Model for Regulating Carbon
Chechnya, Iraq and the US-Russian "relationship"
Irregular Female Labour Migration from Ukraine for Labour to the Elderly Care Sector in Italy
Is development aid the most effective tool in poverty alleviation and economic development?
Macroeconomic factors and stock returns: Evidence from three Central and East European countries
Old Master, New Neighbor: Putin's Russia in the Czech Foreign Policy Discourse
Producing and Consuming the Nation: ethnography of a Czech National Memorial
Russia-OSCE relations: a Balance between National Interests and Security Commitments
State-Islam relations in Russia
The Determinants of Private Savings in the EU: The Case of the Group of Eight Entrant Countries
The effects of International Broadcasting on the Soviet Audience At Glasnost and Perestroika Period: The
Case of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty
The European Union, a Normative Empire: the case of Croatia’s accession
The Changing Security Relationship Between CEE and the US from 2001 to the Present – New Allies, New
The Impact of the EU Accession Process in Shaping Democratization: The case of Albania
The Lisbon Strategy and Europe 2020:Where is the information society?
The Role of State Ownership in Commercial Banks: Experience of CEE Transition Countries
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