Eight Question Argument Worksheet

Bryson 1
Eight Question Argument Worksheet
1. What problem is being solved here? What question is being answered?
2. What is the proposed solution to the problem or the answer to the question?
3. What type of evidence supports the claim? (Statistics? Examples? Research
studies? Expert opinions? etc.)
4. Who is the intended audience for this text? Who does the author want to reach?
5. What was/ is the author’s purpose for writing this text?
6. What kind of change does the author seek in society? As a result of having read
this article, how does the author expect people to think differently? Does the
author expect people to act differently? How?
7. Why should the reader care about the issue/problem presented?
8. If the author’s proposal/solution is accepted and implemented by society, what
would the consequences be? Who would gain? Who would lose?