Self Introduction Speech

Self Introduction Speech
Main Focus: Storytelling. Creating word pictures
To train students in storytelling by learning how to create
word pictures
To create winning introductions
To emphasize voice projection and eye contact
To introduce basic speaking organization and delivery
To give students opportunities to gain confidence as speakers
3-5 minutes long
Visual Aid Required
Full sentence, typed outline (turn in before you speak)
Outline includes: preview, review, grabber, closure, transitions
Turn in rubric the day you speak
Do Not Use Power Point (exception 1 or 2 photos)
No more than 3 regular or full sized note cards
Write yourself brief notes do NOT write speech out word per word
on cards.
In this speech, you will talk about some event in your life and how it
changed the way you think or feel. You will then say how the lesson you
learned can help others.
I. Start the speech off with a story of an event. Give details. Put us at the
scene and let us see the event as it unfolds.
II. Preview the lesson and the moral of the event
III. Tell how the event changed you or made you see the world differently.
How do you appreciate the world in a new way? What will you do
differently in your life? How will you treat others differently?
IV. You should review the story and the lesson
V. Give some “life lesson” that could apply to others. Make the last
sentence or two really have an impact.