Österreichische Bundeshymne

The Austrian Anthem
Former all thought the Masonic Cantata „brothers shakes hands “
belonged to Mozart. But new evidence, leading musicologist is this
"Federal Song" not by Mozart, but by a lodge brother of the
Vienna Masonic Lodge „Zur wahren Eintracht“, the „Claviermeister“
Johann Baptist Holzer.
Paula Preradovic´ won the contest
In the history of Austria since 1797 was the Haydn anthem , whose
melody today after the German national anthem is sung right and
freedom and unity, in various versions of the "natural" anthem of Austria.
By decree of 22 October 1946, the "Federal Song"(Masonic Cantata) to
the tune of the new national anthem says.
In April 1946, in a contest against a prize of 10 000 at that time
considerable Schilling an "anthemic song character, when the new
Austrian state and its people at home and abroad, both musical tribute
to" was looking for a quoted. Left on the contest took place about 1 800
submissions, 29 of them made it tot he shortlist, which will perform the
jury for decision support.
The jury chose Preradovićs text and 25 February 1947 was a Cabinet
decision, the text Preradović land of mountains, land on the river in a
slightly different form as the new national anthem proclaimed.
On 7 March 1947 the "national anthem" was heard the first time on the
Important things:
Efforts by members of the Greens and the Liberal Forum , then the
Minister for Women Johanna Dohnal (SPÖ) and representatives of
various NGO‘s in the1990s, the text of the national anthem so as to
change that in the, gender neutral, women also taken into account, was
not achieving success.
On the back of the commemorative medal "1000 Years of Austria," the
1996 text was“ the home but you're great daughters, sons“ played.
1. Land der Berge, Land am
1. Land of mountains, land by the
Land der Äcker, Land der Dome,
Land of fields, land of cathedrals,
Land der Hämmer, zukunftsreich!
Land of hammers, with a promising
Heimat bist du großer Söhne,
You are home to great sons,
Volk, begnadet für das Schöne,
A nation highly blessed with
|: vielgerühmtes Österreich, :|
Much-praised Austria,
Much-praised Austria!
2. Heiß umfehdet, wild umstritten
2. Strongly feuded for, fiercely
hard-fought for,
liegst dem Erdteil du inmitten,
You lie in the middle of the
Like a strong heart,
einem starken Herzen gleich.
Hast seit frühen Ahnentagen
Since the early days of the
ancestors you have
hoher Sendung Last getragen,
Borne the burden of a high
Much tried Austria,
Much tried Austria.
|: vielgeprüftes Österreich, :|
3. Mutig in die neuen Zeiten,
frei und gläubig sieh uns schreiten,
3. Bravely towards the new ages
See us striding, free, and faithful,
arbeitsfroh und hoffnungsreich.
Einig laß in Brüderchören,
Assiduous and full of hope,
Unified, in fraternal choirs, let us
Vaterland, dir Treue schwören,
Pledge allegiance to you,
Much beloved Austria,
Much beloved Austria.
|: vielgeliebtes Österreich, :|
Slovenian Text
In view of the Carinthian Slovenes was also a Slovenian text of the
Austrian national anthem composed. The following verse is declined in
almost verbatim in the third stanza:
Hrabro v novi čas stopimo,
prosto, verno, glej, hodimo;
upa polni, delavni.
Bratski zbor prisega hkrati,
domovini zvestobo dati.
Ljubljena nam Avstrija,
ljubljena nam Avstrija.