Introduction to English III Honors

Introduction to English IV Honors
Contact Information:
Mrs. Dudek
Ms. Moen
Email: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]
Course Description:
English IV Honors is a two-semester, one credit core academic course with English III serving as a prerequisite.
This in depth study of British literature presents a chronological survey from Beowulf to modern times. Emphasis is placed on
improving composition skills, using various forms of discourse and patterns of organization, and reviewing grammar and language
usage. Students will be able to read with a critical focus by penetrating deeper into both the content of literature and the analysis of
that content. Critical findings will be organized around a central idea in composition. Extensive vocabulary enrichment will enhance
mastery of the English language
Outside Books Required:
You will need your own copy of each of the following books. Although a particular edition of a novel is not necessary, it must be an
original, unabridged text. These books may be purchased from the school library as long as supplies last. They do not have to be
all purchased immediately. Please note the time of the year the book will be used. The English Dept. has funds to assist students
with financial need. A parent should contact his/her child’s teacher or counselor if such a situation exists.
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time by Mark Haddon (summer reading)
Beowulf, translation by Seamus Heaney
Grendel by John Gardner
Macbeth No Fear Shakespeare (in textbook but own copy recommended)
Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen
Brave New World by Aldous Huxley
The Kite Runner OR A Thousand Splendid Suns OR And The Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini
A novel of choice.
Supplies Needed for Class
a yearly, calendar planner
blue/black pens (several)
#2 pencils
red pen
college ruled notebook paper with holes that correspond to notebook and folder
notebook or binder with a dedicated section for English class
highlighters (set of at least 4 colors)
a dedicated English IV folder with pockets and brads for assignment journals
designated classroom supply
Google Drive:
Please sign up for a Google Drive account. We will use this for papers and projects. The account is free. Let me know if you need
Tutorials and Make-Up WorkIf you are absent and need to make up work, or if you need additional help, please schedule a time
for tutorials with your teacher. Tests and other major assignments are generally never made up during regular class time. It is your
responsibility to keep up with studies and assignments when absent. Checking the teacher’s website can offer general information
about missed class activities. Emailing the teacher with specific questions about missed work is also encouraged. If you are absent
for a major grade, you must turn in the assignment or be prepared to take the test missed upon your return. If you are absent on
the day a long-term assignment is due, you must make accommodations to have that product delivered to the school by the end of
that school day it is due. Refer to the Student Handbook for make-up work policy and timelines.
Progress reports are available through Parent Access every three weeks and report cards every nine weeks. Students are
encouraged to keep abreast of their progress by following averages on Student Access or by consulting their teacher. Parents are
welcomed to contact the teacher by phone or email if a question about a grade or assignment arises.
Major Grades – 75% Daily and Quiz Grades – 25%
CPHS English Dept. Academic Dishonesty Policy: Is cheating really worth it?
The TWCP student handbook outlines the penalties for cheating, plagiarism, and other forms of academic dishonesty in its
“Student Honor Code.” The English Dept. adheres to this policy without exception.
Students who engage in academic dishonesty may face any and all of the following:
Zero for the assignment (affecting class average, overall GPA, and/or UIL eligibility)
Referral to the office (creating a permanent record of the event)
Parental notification
Detention/ISS or other appropriate punishment
Risk in losing exam exemption status
Status in Honor Societies or other extra-curricular activities and organizations which monitor academic dishonestly of
Teacher/Administrator references or recommendations for school offices, collegiate pursuits, or personal
Damage to your academic reputation and personal credibility
The following are some examples of academic dishonesty that may occur in the English class setting:
 Plagiarizing from a copyrighted or published work, electronic source, or another student. Plagiarizing includes
passing as your own original or stated ideas, opinions, analyses, language content, author style, etc.
 Using on-line or published material, such as essays or analyses, and representing it as your own or in lieu of reading
assigned material. This particularly applies to on-line downloadable essays and analysis associated with such sites
as Spark Notes or Cliff Notes.
 Using downloaded analysis and other types of information during timed or untimed composition.
 Sharing or using test/quiz answers or test/quiz information with other students.
 Using any type of electronic device or recording device during testing periods. Students may receive a zero for the
mere possession of an electronic device during a testing period. Teachers may require students to turn off and place
such devices in a safe, specified location in the classroom prior to the start of a test or writing assignment . (See the
Student Code of Conduct for additional policy regarding electronic devices.)
 Violating the specific instructions for a given test or writing assignment by having in one’s possession materials not
allowed by the teacher’s written or stated instructions or by not conforming to the time constraints of the test or
 Talking or passing notes and materials during a test or writing assignment. Academic dishonesty may be alleged
even if conversation is not directly heard or materials seized by the teacher because the act itself violates the testing
period instructions.
 Parents or siblings completing or offering input or evaluating an assignment for a student.
Class Rules
Although Ms. Moen and Mrs. Dudek both enforce the policies in the Student Code of Conduct signed and agreed to by
students, classroom procedures may vary from class to class. At the end of each class period, you are responsible for
returning books and supplies, picking up around your desk, and placing your desk in its original place. It is highly encouraged
that students adhere to the rules concerning items that are not allowed in the classroom, such as electronic devices, food, and
drinks. Our most important rule is to demonstrate respect for others at all times.
Late Work
Unless otherwise indicated by the teacher, it is English Department policy to not accept late work.
Parent/Teacher Communication and Parent Assistance
We applaud and appreciate parental involvement and support as we work to prepare our students for the future. Please email,
call, or make an appointment if you have questions or concerns. While parents can be their child’s most important asset in
his/her education, we encourage parents to refrain from “doing their child’s work.” This may include writing papers or evaluating
a student’s written response. Appropriate assistance may include calling out words or definitions or helping a child recall events
in a literary work as a means of test preparation. If you have questions about this or any other matter, please contact us.
After reading this class introduction, please sign the accompanying page and complete the information requested.
Thank you,
Ms Moen and Mrs. Dudek
Student Information for English IV Honors
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Student Background
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English Course taken last year: English II Level____, English Pre-AP_____, Other____________
English teacher last year: _____________________________
Book you read for summer reading: ________________________________________
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