Cost effective analytical solutions for the modern cement industry

Cost effective analytical solutions for the modern
cement industry
Nazih ZIADÉ / ThermoARL / Switzerland
Recent advances in X-ray instrumentation and related analytical techniques have
been very beneficial for the cement industry.
Both X-ray fluorescence for total elemental/oxide analysis and X-ray diffraction
for mineral/phase analysis are becoming routine tools in the cement industry and are
revealing their full potential in supplying vital information to the process and quality
control systems. Technical innovations in XRF and XRD have resulted in more
autonomous and integrated instruments such that the cement analysis is more advanced
and complete. For example, quantitative information about the free lime and clinker
phases in conjunction with the total chemical analysis can now be achieved within a few
minutes. A case study dealing with the clinker phase analysis will be presented.
Additionally a study on the reduction of the production cost achieved by using the
different analytical solutions available for the cement industry will be presented.
Emphasis will be made on cost-effective instruments that provide prioritized information
for optimum process and quality control as well as environmental issues.