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Ms 4580
Mercy Rachel Fielding
[Autobiographical sketch, 1880]
[page 1]
Salt Lake City Dec 20th 1880
[…] I heard and embraced the everlasting gospel […] in May 1836. Removed to Kirtland
Ohio in May 1837. Where I was Married on the 4 of June to Robert Blashel Thompson,
by Joseph Smith the Prophet. [***]
[page 5]
[…] [Robert] was employd by Joseph Smith as private sec\y/, which Office he held until
his Death which took place [page 6] August 27th 1841 I was then left a Widdow with my
little girl who was very feeble. With dilligence and economy and the blessing of the
Lord, our wants were supplied but to me it was a lonesome life, deprived of the society of
my Husband whose like could rarely be found […]
being deprived of the sosiety of such a Husband caused me to mourn so deeply that my
H\e/alth was much impaird
[page 7]
On the 11 of August 1843 I was called by direct revelation from Heaven through Brother
Joseph the Prophet to enter into a state of Plural Marriage with Hyrum Smith the
This subject when first communicated to me tried me to the very core all my former
traditions and every natural feeling of my Heart rose in opposition to this Principle but I
was convinced that it was appointed by him who is too wise to err and too good to be
unkind. Soon after Marriage I became an inmate with my Sister in the house of Hyrum
Smith where I remained until his Death sharing with my sister the care of his[his/her]
numerous family […]
[page 9]
[…] The foregoing sentence brings before mind a Picture which beggars description an
affectionate Husband a loving Father a faithful Friend a warm hearted Benefactor; Being
torn from Wives Children Friends and dependants (The family at that time numbering
20) never to see their Faces more and we never to see him but a [page 10] Mangled
Bleeding Corpes. perhaps my feelings can be better immagined than described; left again
without any human protector with a feeble Child. […]
[Page 11]
[…] I know I have not followed cunningly devised Fables
I know too that if I had not embraced the Gospel as revealed to Joseph Smith the Prophet
in these last days and endeavored to live up to the requirements of the Law of God I
could never be permitted to [page 12] Dwell in the presence of God in his Celestial
Thompson, Mercy Rachel Fielding, LDS Church Archives, Ms 4580, [Autobiographical
sketch, 1880]