Letter - Sexual Health Presentation

April 23rd , 2014
Dear parents/guardians,
On May 19th, our students will receive a healthy sexuality and relationships
presentation from Teresa Norris, a sexual health educator. There will be two
separate presentations, one for grade 7 students and one for grade 8 students.
The rationale behind this presentation is to increase student knowledge in the
area of basic human sexuality and healthy relationships for grade 7 and/or 8’s.
There are several healthy active living learning outcomes that will be addressed
during this presentation. They include and are not limited to:
7.7 identify ways of maintaining sexual health
7.8 apply a series of decision-making steps to potential situations
involving risk, including sexual decision making
7.15 examine methods for contraception and the benefits/disadvantages
of each method
8.10 evaluate the different options related to unintended pregnancy and
explore the challenges related to each of these options
8.6 identify healthy and unhealthy relationships and demonstrate
assertiveness skills to communicate thoughts and feelings within
primary relationships
8.12 recognize misconceptions and realities with respect to sexual
Topics to be addressed:
Abstinence, readiness & peer pressure
Boundaries and consent
STI’s & transmission
Basic biology review
Contraception information: condoms, the birth control pill, etc.
(Age Appropriate for grade 7 & 8)
Demystifying myths and facts around sexual issues seen in the media
Sexual harassment-what is it?
For more information about this presentation please call the guidance office at
749-5163 or visit the website: www.sexpression.ca. If you do not want your
child to participate in this presentation please send the attached permission
form back to the school.
Stephanie Wallace
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I do not consent to my child______________________________ viewing the healthy
sexuality/relationships presentation on May 19th.
Parent/guardian signature: ______________________________________