Lesson plan - Light Bulb Languages

Lesson aims:By the end of this lesson the children will be able to :talk about
the weather; read and understand different weather phrases.
Starter: Show children a map of France and ask them some questions about
1.Put the question phrase Quel temps fait-il? and the 8
weather flashcards on the board. Introduce the 8 phrases
using actions.
listen and
- children repeat phrases and actions
respond to
- children only repeat phrases and do actions if they are the French (O4.3)
correct match.
- Children listen to phrases and do actions
- play Jacques a dit (Simon says) children listen to
phrases and only respond with an action if the teacher
has said Jacques a dit.
- Have a selection of props eg; umbrella,scarf,sunglasses.
2 children come to the front – Teacher says a phrase and
children choose correct prop.This could be done as a
- Play Qu’est-ce qui manque ? (Which one is missing)
Removes one image from board.
2.Ask children to listen carefully to the weather phrases and
see if they can hear 2 that rhyme ( beau chaud)
3. Show children the map of France again on which you have
marked the following places; Bordeaux (beau); Pau (chaud);
Beauvais ( mauvais); Caen (vent); Rieux (pleut); Marseille
(soleil); Montélimar (brouillard); Liège (neige)
Listen for
4. Ask the children to work in pairs ,and give them a few
minutes to see if they can work out what the weather is like in sounds rythmn
and rhyme
each place. (Explain that the weather phrase rhymes with the
town’s name.) Some children may need reminding that words
have to end in the same sound in order for them to rhyme.
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5. Do a clapping rhyme to practice asking and answering Quel
temps fait-il à Bordeaux? À Bordeaux il fait chaud . etc.
Invite children to place appropriate weather symbols on the
A lot of this lesson can be found on the power point
that goes with the lesson
Plenary: Give children a hand out of poem in pairs .Put the weather phrases on
the board and ask the children to write in the missing lines of the rhyme. Ask
them to underline the rhyming parts of the words.
Put phrases for poem on the board and ask children to come out and
underline the rhymes.
Put place names on board and ask children to come out and place the correct
weather phrase with it to make a rhyme. There may be more than one answer.
Resources required: Flash cards - Resource 24.1
Word cards - Resource 24.2
Map of France – Resource 24.3
Weather symbols Resource 24.4
Use small symbols from this
Power point
Weather poem- Resource 24.5
Weather power point- 24.6
Weather pelminism-24.7
Language Required:
Quel temps fait-il?
What is the weather
Il pleut – it’s raining
Il neige – it’s snowing
Il fait chaud – it’s hot
Il fait froid – it’s cold
Il fait mauvais – it’s
Il y a du soleil – it’s
Il y a du vent – it’s
Il y a du brouillard –
it’s foggy
Il y a des nuages –
it’s cloudy
Follow on activities:
During the week ask the children what the weather is and put the symbol and
©MFL Sunderland 2009 RM http://www.sunderlandschools.org/mfl-sunderland
written phrase up on the wall for that day.(resource 24.4)
Play weather pelmanism (res 24.7)
©MFL Sunderland 2009 RM http://www.sunderlandschools.org/mfl-sunderland